How To Wear Black & Blue

I decided to wear this outfit because A) it was freaking cold outside and B) my friend hates black and blue together so this is my stand on that they go together. Unless she completely hates this outfit then at least I have my dignity, right? I’m wearing a sweater from her shop for bonus points.

This is why I think this outfit works:

  • The blue sweater is a deep enough shade that it doesn’t clash with the blue denim. Therefore, no resemblance of a denim Canadian Tuxedo.
  • The neckline of the sweater is a deeper shade than the sweater and blends perfectly with the black blouse underneath.
  • The neckline blending into the blouse collar transitions into the black jacket.

This outfit is just basic math, really. Add in the black shoes and a silver toned blue bag and voila! Also to note that my new favourite ring by Keltie Leanne Designs is black AND blue so it’s more proof that this is a movement.

You will be happy to also note that I will no longer have a band-aid in my outfit posts as i removed my stitches yesterday. It was bloody painful! The doctor that stitched me up was evidently a cub-scout according to his ability to tie knots. I hope he received a badge for it. The stitches were not dissolvable, lies. So, I waited for them to dissolve and 3 weeks later they did no such thing! My scar healed over my stitches so that’s why it hurt so much. Thanks, Doc.

I really didn’t have much to say in this post, clearly! SO, if we’re going to walk away from it this week let’s remember to wear black and blue together and to get your stitches removed in a timely manner.

Arrivederci! (remember that time I learned Italian?)

Randa Salloum Elysian Coffee Black And Blue Outfit 1

Randa Salloum Elysian Coffee Black And Blue Outfit 2





Demy Lee New York sweater (similar) Club Monaco blouse (similar) | AG jeans | Zara oversized biker jacket (similar)
Le Chateau boots (similar) | Forever 21 bag (similar) | Keltie Leanne Designs Brix ring

(click on the brands above to see where to buy)

Photos by Street Scout Me.

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