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It appears to me as though this year has been the year of changes. Of course, we all know that I left my career in freelancing to be the nine-to-five go getter, dropped my business baby I See Noise, upped my fitness goals by 100 and enrolled myself in classes, but out of the unexpected air of romance, Alex and I decided to officially move in together! Now, I use the term “unexpected” loosely as it’s not like Alex and I haven’t discussed it. But we didn’t plan on having it happen so fast!

We previously tried to search for a home a few months back with no luck. Literally, the search results we received stated “there are currently no search results.” We didn’t think we were asking for too much. We wanted a 2 bedroom with a bathroom, den, balcony (give or take) that had enough space for us and for the cats. After hearing the struggle stories of our friends, we thought we should put the idea of living together on the back burner. Both of our apartments are currently not large enough for the both of us so it was a bit of a disappointment.

Fast forward to last week when I casually asked Alex to check some listings while I cooked dinner and there seemed to be a bevy of options for us! From the helpful tip of my friend, we decided to not check the box for pets as most people don’t know to include it but are okay with pets. We found numerous apartments that were okay with cats in the post body but not in the search. Thanks Sarah!

We booked 2 showings but I felt it wasn’t enough. We needed to be aggressive! In this market, one day your available and the next your occupied! Before bed I decided to blast out about 15 more emails and we had 8 viewings in one week. Some days I would have to leave multiple times a day from downtown ti Kitsilano, but it’s what you have to do. You have to view the apartment at their scheduled view time or else it can be gone. Some apartments we didn’t even have thee chance to view before they were taken.

We saw one at Telus Garden and dear God. What a hole! These new apartments are beautiful but you literally were not physcailly able to fit a two seater couch in the living room without being two feet from your TV and kitchen counter. No beds with a frame will fit in the bedroom but it has a large hallway and wrap around balcony. Who the fuck designs these homes?

After viewing it were discouraged. Will we even find a place? I jokingly said, “wouldn’t it have been funny to be the couple who just finds a place with no issues? And have it be the home of our dreams?” Well, I should have wished for a million dollars because the next day we had a viewing at 12:45pm in Kitsilano, half a block from where Alex currently lives and it was PERFECT. We were the second to view and we snatched that baby up so fast I don’t even think the owner knew what terms she was agreeing to!

So now, the hard part is done. We found a home for us and the cats.

But is it? I thought finding a place for us was going to the be the hard part. Now I have less than a month to get someone to occupy my downtown apartment. With a super competitive market you would think it would be easy. My building is a little pricier than the average buildings and even with bringing down the price I’m going to have to find someone super specific to move in. From what I’ve seen and heard what others are pricing at, I would say this is reasonable. If you’re interested, you can see the listing HERE. I also have it listed HERE on Air BnB but for monthly rentals only.

I would love some feedback from any other landlords out there! What has been your experience with renting out your apartment and what do you suggest about the pricing?

I can’t wait to move into the new place and call Kitsilano my new home, for now.

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Randa Salloum street style (1 of 1) Randa Salloum street style (22 of 34)

Randa Salloum street style (17 of 34)1 Randa Salloum street style (34 of 34) Randa Salloum street style (27 of 34)

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