Vancouver Consignment Shopping Sale: ARCHIVE

Today’s announcement is one of the COOLEST things I’ve ever done. I’m super excited to be sharing my latest project, ARCHIVE! In collaboration with Fall For Local,  ARCHIVE will be the first-ever Consignment Warehouse Sale housing hundreds of pre-loved items from apparel, accessories, shoes and beauty. Our aim is to assist people like yourself create an eco-conscious system for your closet. Like I mentioned earlier in the week, as of January, the average shopper buys 70 new articles of clothing & Canadians make up for 12 million tonnes of textile waste that make it to North America’s landfills.  As an Influencer myself for the last 10 years, I have seen the effects of waste and consumption first-hand. We receive so many products for review and we can’t possibly keep all of it. We want to help you find a new home for your pre-loved pieces!

ARCHIVE focuses on all-season women’s and men’s apparel and accessories ranging from contemporary to designer luxury brands. You may already be a client of consignment and donate your items to charitable organizations, which is so great!

We know many of you are travelling the world one Instagram post at a time so we want to let you sell your items while you’re away. This sale does not require you to be selling your items in-person and will be a standard warehouse setup. We only require you to deliver your items to us and we will sort it, price it, tag it, enter it into the database and even sell it for you!

If this is something that interests you,  head over to our sign-up page & click on “reserve your spot” where you can discover our terms and conditions including what we need from you, what is accepted, how much you will make from the sale and more. Please note, to provide you with best profits possible, we have raised our sales profit from 30% to 80%! That means you can make more than DOUBLE what consignment stores will offer you.

We are currently offering a referral program to gain more of a profit on your sales! You can follow us on Instagram & Facebook at @HeyArchive for more updates and education around sustainability in fashion.

We would really love for you to be a part of our first ARCHIVE sale and shift the way we consume clothing in Vancouver.

Images via Unsplash.


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