Valued Time

The Thoughts:

I always feel like I need to spend my free time doing something of value. It always includes friends and family going to the beach, having lunch/dinner, grabbing a coffee or going shopping. You know, those kinds of things. However, lately I’ve had to start spending my time with a different take on “value”.

The weather has been so beautiful and this is my first summer living downtown. I’m surrounded by parks, beaches, the seawall and amazing little nooks to hang out at. Most of my friends work nine to fives – I do not. So waiting for them to hang out doesn’t always work for me, we can’t do much during the week until after five. Living downtown also comes with a pretty price tag so my usual “hang outs” don’t always get to happen.

I’ve spent my time discovering the city. Laying in the sun under a tree in the park for hours with my headphones blasting Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers and The XX, tapping into my 5 year old self on the nearest swing set at the park, running the seawall, searching for cool graffiti under the bridges, etc. I’m trying to do as much as I can with what the city offers, and for free!

I feel like this summer I’ll be able to experience my time with what life can really offer me, no taxes included.


Erin Templeton top and bag | Bridge and Burn shorts | Bamboo shoes | H&M sunglasses | Biko necklace | Club Monaco bracelet
(top, bag, shorts and necklace can all be found at Still Life for her in Victoria and soon to be Vancouver!)



The Outfit:

I just about died when I found this leather top by Erin Templeton. Here is the part where you go crazy as well, the top was designed so that you can sew the bottom of it… and it’s becomes… a handbag!! Say whaaaaat!? Srsly.

I thought it was perfect with some simple high-waisted denim shorts. No patterns, not much colour, just items that bring out the beauty in the top. This outfit is laid back, just like how I felt when I put it on. You could also changed the shoes to black flat sandals if heels isn’t your thing. If I place my hair in a bun or even throw some curls into it, this outfit can be taken to dinner or a night out (scrap the backpack for a clutch).



Photos by Michelle.

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