Travelling to New York City

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Is it just me, or do you also need something to look forward to? It feels exciting to me to have future plans that slowly approach. This may appear for the year to fly by but I can’t wait to get to my destination! Alex and I have made New York City one of our traditions and I think it’s our best one yet. New York is our favourite city that we’ve travelled to, Alex actually lived there for a short while (so jealous) and it has always been my dream to live there.

Last year, we spent 4 days in NYC visiting his family and exploring the streets as a couple. My experiences in NYC have always been different. My first was when I was 17 and headed there with my Catholic private high school…  You could say it was somewhat of a different experience from my second trip when I went to visit the guy I was dating in New Jersey. It had been 6 years between my 2nd and 3rd trip and I would say the last was my best one.

Alex and I are heading back to the big city for February 2nd – 9th and staying in Brooklyn Heights. I’m currently compiling a list of places we would like to go: restaurants, galleries, cafes, stores, etc. If you have any suggestions they are greatly welcomed!

I’ve been following the Instagram account @HeyDavina. Davina lives in Brooklyn and showcases her favourite spots in New York so this should help me a lot.

Also, if any NYC photographers, bloggers or straight up creative types would like to meet up and collaborate while I’m there, let me know!!!

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