Life & Times: Fido Mobile, Prostitute shorts & more.

I have had a DAY, people. I yelled at the associate from Fido over the phone and although he was just following protocol I lost my mind on him and now I have remorse. So, if you’re reading this “man from Fido”, please know that I am terribly sorry. I would call you back personally but I think they would just nod and say “okay, thank you ma’am” if I called and said “I called earlier and yelled at a man with an South Asian accent and I’m really sorry so can you please pass on the message? K, thanks!” But at least the universe knows I’m sorry?

Also, don’t shop for denim shorts when you’re in a funky mood. Shopping for denim is already a cursed adventure but I didn’t realize that shorts were now only made for child prostitutes. Is this like a new thing? They’re all SOOO short and showed off my butt cheeks and made my thighs look like marshmallows being stuffed into jellybeans. Picture it…

But… I found the PERFECT pair of denim shorts from The Gap and of course they didn’t have my size but I have to venture to the burbs tomorrow to pick them up. Do you have any favorite denim short labels? I would love to know what they are! I’m on the hunt for a distressed style¬†of light blue and black pairs. Mucho gracias.

On an even worse note, I’m counting down the days until I have my root canal on Friday. Please refrain from sharing your stories about it… I’m the one that googles things like “red bump on back of thigh” and then regrets it. But it should be fine! Right?! So I’ll be a bit out of commission but at least I’ll have a new pair of shorts.

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Oh, and below is me from a happier day. Probably when I didn’t need to try on shorts. Enjoy!



Zara shirt | Alexander Wang jeans
Steven Madden Stecy heels | H&M bag & pom | Topshop sunglasses

Photos by Henry Hwu.


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  1. June 20, 2016 / 5:25 PM

    I was in the same boat as you about a month ago but needed TWO root canals. I was scared shitless but was pleasently surprised on how painless the it was. I couldn’t feel anything, it was fine!

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