The secret world of dogs

The Thoughts:

The past couple of weeks we have had a great streak of weather in Vancouver. It’s been perfect to take Leonie’s little Pomchi Peanut out for walks. I always look forward to the days when I get to walk that little munchkin – there’s an ease and excitement when getting to walk a dog through the city. I haven’t walked a dog in a long time. Our loveable German Shepard Nelly lives with my brother in the burbs so I don’t get to see her very often.

I immediately noticed one thing when you have a dog in the city. It’s like you’re part of a club. A not so secret club of dog owners that all relate to each other and are all very social with each other. Your dog meets their dog, you meet them, you chat… it’s all fun. You take your dog to the dog park and let he/she run around aimlessly after the other dogs and you engage in conversations with their owners.

The highlight of all of this… It is the BEST way to meet a guy! For reals. A girl with a dog is the equivalent to a man with a baby. Girls will swoon over that man because he has the most adorable little guy with him. It’s the perfect formula to attract someone who loves pets.

I’ve sat outside of a store, on a coffee shop patio or at the park and regardless of where I am, I get the attention from men all because Peanut is just so freakin’ cute!

During our walk to the dog park Leonie, myself and Peanut all pranced towards the green. A guy running along the seawall yells out “Hey! Nice dog!” which I assume is code for “Hey good lookin’! Nice ass!” Instead of saying “Thanks! I’ve been working out!” it was best to just say “Thank you.”

Dogs are great ice breaker to start conversation and ease a potentially awkward situation if someone wants to approach you. I’m still doing the leg work but I’ll be sure to update you with my findings.


American Eagle top | American Apparel shorts | Michael Kors heels | Holt Renfrew hat | Value Village belt | Foe & Dear necklace | Club Monaco bracelet | Suzy Shier ring



The Outfit:

This look reminds me of the Sasquatch Music Festival, but city appropriate. I was able to take bits and pieces of what I wore there and turn it into an outfit fit for a day around town. I’m always a fan of high waisted shorts. They elongate the legs and showcase your natural waist. I went for a neutral look, a little city meets the rolling hills. A detailed and delicate top played as the main role in this outfit. I also like to mix shades of brown in one outfit and not be too matchy-matchy… it makes it a little more effortless.




Photos by Leonie.

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