The Secret To Buying Boyfriend Jeans

Calling all ladies with hips and an ass! This post is for you.

Oh, how lovely do those women look in boyfriend jeans. Their jeans hug their waist and it’s a streamlined leg with a baggy thigh… it looks like she’s wearing her boyfriends jeans! That is NEVER the case for us women with hips and butts. Boyfriend style jeans are never really boyfriend style jeans on us because it becomes tight in the hips and thighs. It may be loose in our waist but we need to go up a size to make them baggier. I think, just maybe… I’ve found the secret to buying boyfriend jeans.

I bought men’s jeans. 

For reals.

I popped into the Mavi store on West 4th, Vancouver in September and had the chance to test out their new women’s collection. They didn’t have any boyfriend style jeans for this season but whenever I get the chance to try on some denim I like to go for a boyfriend fit. Nearing the end of my fitting session and I asked to try on some of the men’s jeans. We went through about 5 pairs of men’s jeans until I could find ones that actually fit me because believe it for not, men have big thighs too and they were ALL TIGHT ON ME. Yes, even the men’s jeans were tight on me. Until one… a style called the Myles Mid Rise Straight Leg Jean that internally they call the “Hockey Jeans”. The reason they call them the “Hockey Jeans” is because hockey players have larger thighs and therefore need more space.

I couldn’t have grabbed them quicker and hallelujah ,they fit! They look like baggy boyfriend’s jeans but fit for me! The only downfall? It has space for a man’s crotch… I can get around it by belting it a little tighter but these jeans are legit and I highly recommend trying them out or just men’s jeans in general. The plus? They’re cheaper!

Do you have troubles finding boyfriend jeans or wear men’s jeans??

Melissa Araujo long sleeve shirt | Zara trench coat | Myles Mid Rise Straight Leg Jean
Frye chelsea boots | Melissa Araujo hoop earrings | various rings

Fashion Photography by Vancouver Photographer Reece Voyer.


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