The Innerview: Sharing the story of your life

What does an interview or date (the “or” is debatable) have in common? The dreaded question, “so, tell me about yourself” by someone you’ve just met. Where do you even begin? My name is Randa, I’m the youngest of two and my brother, Tamer is 5 years older. I work in Marketing for Robson Street and have a lifestyle blog that I work at semi-regularly… I was born in Vancouver and have never lived anywhere else. I’m a self proclaimed crazy cat lady, sans crazy.

It’s all surface.

Have you really told someone you just met your true story? No surface, but the deep seeds of your upbringing? Sounds uncomfortable and unnecessary, doesn’t it? Well, I did it.

I spent 45 minutes with someone that I’ve exchanged 4 emails with and discussed my hopes, dreams and my memories from day zero to age 29. I shared my quirks, my laughs and without notice, my tears.  I shared stories of my liberal parents, my brother who burned the path for me, that one time in grade 4 when I brought my classmates to my parents bakery for free cookies and that one time Meagan, my best friend until the age of 9 took my entire birthday party to her place to play with her pets and ride bikes, while I spent the rest of my birthday crying in my room. I shared the time I had my first encounter with a spirit, the first time I hustled for a buck and what I wanted to be when I grow up. Still figuring that out by the way.

I shared stories that I’ve repeated countless times in my life for entertainment but this time it was different. It wasn’t entertainment, it was my life’s story. As the words escaped my speech, realizations entered my mind. I remembered a time in my childhood that was a novelty but quickly realized it was one of the saddest moments of my life and the first time I had ever experienced loss. I was five years old.

The more stories I shared, the more I realized. I have a fear of loss, the reasons I keep my friends close, the reasons I don’t trust 100% of the people I meet for the first time, what I truly want more than anything in my life right now, why I act the way I do and so on. It was the most therapeutic discussion I have ever had and there was zero advice given.

You know what’s the best part? It was all recorded on video.

Andria Racich wants to learn about your journey. The Innerview is a session that focuses on recording a persons life, or an aspect of their life, their relationship towards people, work, life, religion, money, family, or health. Recorded within a 45 minutes to 1 hour session, Andria asks you a series of questions to allow you to discuss your life’s journey. At the end of of the session, I felt cleansed.

This is the last year in my 20’s and the end of my early adulthood. I’m heading into my years where I want to begin my own family and take new leaps. I would love to document my life in the next 10-15 years and discuss my life from the age of 30.

In the meantime, I have a beautiful golden key shaped USB that holds my life from 0-29.

I received this session as a gift and truly feel that everyone should experience it! If you would like to book your own Innerview, click HERE.

Aritzia coat | AG Jeans | Forever 21 beret

Photos by Vancouver Photographer Street Scout Me


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