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I spent the better part of last year focusing on my career, mind, body and soul. During this time I had the pleasure of attending a few Greasy Spoon Dinners hosted by A Better Life Foundation. Besides a fun meal spent with friends, I was so taken by the power and impact that was happening before my eyes. Not only were we surrounded by like-minded indivuals eating dinner at a fun-loving diner but we were creating actual change through the power of donations to those in need. I knew I needed to be a part of this somehow.

I became side tracked with my own life that I put thoughts of helping others to the side. At the end of the year, I contacted my dear friend Mark Brand who runs ABLF to let him know I was ready! I wanted to help. I decided to take on a table of 8 every month for the entire year to help raise funds to the cause! For those who don’t have time to dedicate to a particular cause or the funds to donate large sums of money, The Greasy Spoon dinner is a super accessible way to do this wrapped up in a super exciting evening!

A Better Life Foundation supports our community neighbours with food security through daily meal programs prepared in the Save On Meats commissary kitchen and through the token program facilitated through the Save On Meats diner located in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside at 43 W Hastings. ABLF raises critical funds towards providing quality food security to women, children and those in assisted living. This empowers people to focus on upward mobility towards mental health support, addiction recovery and economic opportunity. To date, the foundation has served 1.7 million meals and aims to hit 2 million in this quarter.

Taken from the ABLF site, read these 4 facts with impact:

  • For a British Columbian family of 4 on income assistance, approximately 49% of their “disposable” income (funds not delegated to cover the cost of housing) goes to support the cost of food. Living below the poverty line, food insecurity becomes a daily reality and nutritious meals aren’t an option.
  • When we’re hungry and haven’t been eating quality food, it directly affects our ability to think clearly and maintain our health.
  • Children in lower-income households are also more likely to have health problems and lower education outcomes
    according to the Provincial Health Services Authority.
  • The BC Centre for Disease Control found that one in six children under the age of 18 lived in households experiencing some level of food insecurity.

To promote the awareness and raise funds, Mark Brand, founder and owner of the foundation and Save On Meats presents the Greasy Spoon Dinner. Every month, legendary Chefs from across Canada present  you with a 5-course meal with cocktail, wine and craft beer pairings served by award-winning bartenders. This year, all Chefs hosting Greasy Spoon Dinners will be female!

Tickets to each dinner are $95 and funds raised through ticket sales and on-site donations go directly to providing quality food security to women, children and those in assisted living. The purchase of 1 ticket can feed over 100 people! April 23rd marks the 38th Greasy Spoon Dinner! Get your tickets HERE.

I’ll be updating this post to reflect all past & upcoming dinners for 2018 so be sure to check back for your chance to purchase tickets and make a difference in someone’s life.


January 23rd 2018 – Chef Letitia Wan of Di Beppe & Ask For Luigi.
February 19 2018 – Chef Kim Nguyen of Wildebeest.
March 19th 2018 – Chef Charlotte Langley from Prince Edward Island.
April 23rd 2018 – Sommelier Claire Saksun of Royal Dinette, Chef Eva Chin of Royal Dinette and Chef Melanie Witt of Savio Volpe
May 28th 2018 – Karen McKathy of Blue Heron Cheese
June 25th 2018 – Chef Darcelle Chow & Kadieann Tighe
July 16th 2018 – Chef Alexandrea Fladhamer
August 20th 2018 – Chef Ivy Yang of Ash For Luigi
September 17th 2018 –  Chef Shani Cohen of Virtuous Pie
October 22nd  2018 – Chef Lauraleigh Paul Yuxweluptun’aat
November 19th – Chef Isabel Chung of Fairmont Chateau Whistler
December 17th & 18th – Chef Mark Brand and Pals


January 2019 –


Mark Brand, founder and owner of A Better Life Foundation and Save On Meats.

Greasy_Spoon_Dinner_Vancouver_Save_On_MeatsGreasy_Spoon_Dinner_Vancouver_Save_On_MeatsGreasy_Spoon_Dinner_Vancouver_Save_On_MeatsGreasy_Spoon_Dinner_Vancouver_Save_On_Meats  Greasy_Spoon_Dinner_Vancouver_Save_On_MeatsGreasy_Spoon_Dinner_Vancouver_Save_On_Meats

Ash Mcleod, Advisory Member for A Better Life Foundation.


Evan Sidwell, Community Engagement Manager for A Better Life Foundation.

Photos of Greasy Spoon Dinner Vol. 27 with Chef Charlotte Langley by Photographer Luis Valdizon. 


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