Thank You: A Note From Me To You


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Thank you, for making me feel inferior.
Thank you, for making me feel like shit at times.
Thank you, for leading me on.
Thank you, for treating me like I’m like the rest.
Thank you, for not making me feel special.
Thank you, for doing all the right things and taking it away as fast as you gave it to me.
Thank you, for making me realize you weren’t the one.

To all of the men out there that have been life lessons… you were just what I needed to make me realize what I should have and who I am.

I am not inferior.
I feel amazing, most times.
I, myself have led others on.
I am not like the rest.
I am special.
I knew it wouldn’t last.
I knew I could do better.

I’ve had conversations with my girlfriends time and time over about the same thing. Dating sucks and it’s incredibly hard at times. When it’s really bad you’ll hear me say “I fucking hate dating, it’s the worst and I don’t want to be single.” When it’s great you”ll hear me say “Dating is so fun! Just go with it!” I’ve had one too many men in my life who have made me think that dating sucks and because of them I know what and who I want. These men weren’t mistakes but merely life experiences. Field research, if you will. I feel so lucky to have a special someone in my life – The Snowboarder. He makes me feel everything the other men didn’t. For that, I thank him.

I’m very excited to say that we will be having our second date on Friday. Since I’m leaving for Toronto I’ll have a chance to see him. We’re going to a baseball game to watch the Blue Jays play the Los Angeles Angels! I think this trip will be a great indication for what is to come.

In other news…my date from last week – The Tall Bearded Westender took a bit of a different turn. He was very much into me however my heart was just not in it – at all. I had to send the “let’s just be friends” text. A text… I know… how adult of me! What can I say I like to hide behind my phone. No judging!




Photos by Oliver Cavanna from the Wild & Heart Fashion Show – click HERE to see a recap.

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