Sustainable Holiday Decorations For The Home

The holidays are here and it’s the most festive time of the year! This week is a popular week for holiday decorating at home and in this post, we’re going to go over the best ways to decorate your home for the holidays, sustainably. There are not many stats for Canada but in America, they throw away 25% more trash during Thanksgiving to New Year’s than any other time of the year. This creates 25 million tons of garbage… in just 2.5 months!

There are many ways to decorate for the holidays that do not include new or single-use items. I had the pleasure of showcasing these methods at one of Vancouver’s latest properties, SHIFT Little Mountain by Aragon. SHIFT paves the way for modern design and livable homes for anyone’s lifestyle. This made it the perfect space to disrupt ideas and create something a little different. All holiday decor was purchased second hand.

That’s right! To create a sustainable holiday in your home, I’m showing you just how easy it is to find beautiful pieces that are timeless, in perfect condition, on a budget and used. I want you to get into the habit of searching for items that are already produced than requesting that shops create more new ones when there is plenty to already go around. Below you will find a list of decor items and where I purchased them.

In my aim to do so, I made sure that I did not purchase any items that were wrapped in plastic wrap, already in production and if it could be, compostable. Creating a second-hand Christmas was incredibly easy! It took some planning and flexibility on design but you’ll be surprised with what you can find.


  1. Synthetic Christmas Tree, pre-lit: Value Village – One of the lights was loose so I purchased an extra string of lights to wrap around the tree. You can also find strings of lights at secondhand shops. The price of the tree was 75% cheaper than new ones.
  2. Christmas Tree decorations: Value Village & my community – I utilized my online platforms to a call-out for unwanted decorations. Our community is filled with decorations hidden in storage that are not being used. You’ll be surprised with how many people will offer to give theirs away that are in perfect condition.
  3. Christmas Tree Skirt: Value Village – A festive styled blanket.
  4. Gift Wrapping: Recycled newspapers – Did you know that Americans spend approximately $3.2 billion a year on wrapping paper? Not only is that a lot of money but it’s a lot of waste! Using newspapers is a fun way to customize your gift-wrapping. Search for a unique article or comic that connects with your loved ones.
  5. Gift Topper: Instead of using bows, choose to create mini bouquets of dried plants. This creates a second gift for them and is fully compostable. These were made by J. Events Planning & Design and can be found at Larry’s Market in North Vancouver. You can even make them yourself with a selection of greens from your local florist. If you purchase enough for multiple gifts that maybe even run you cheaper than new plastic bows!


  1. Candles: Value Village – In new condition.
  2. Champagne Flutes: Value Village – A set of 6 in new condition.
  3. Crystal Water Glasses: Value Village – A set of 6 in new condition.
  4. Dinnerware: The Salvation Army – A set of 6 in new condition. This is the number one home item found at secondhand shops! You will find items in perfect condition in sets of 4-8. The plates and bowls that you see in the images were provided by Aragon and are not secondhand. However, plates, bowls & cutlery were purchased secondhand. Displaying them was an oversight during decorating but below you can view the secondhand ones purchased.
  5. Cloth Napkins: The Salvation Army – A set of 6 in new condition.
  6. Center-Piece Display: This was created with dried greens and fresh pomegranates by J. Events Planning & Design. It is fully compostable and does not use any plastic displays.


  1. Glass Displays for Treats: Value Village – All different, just how I wanted it!
  2. Treats: Purchased in bulk at Superstore to divert any use of treats in single-use plastic wrapping.
View from the living room at SHFIT by Aragon Properties.

SHIFT is already 80% sold with 1 – 3 bedroom layouts offered. It is nestled in one of Vancouver’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, Mount Pleasant. Just steps away from Main Street, in the backyard of Queen Elizabeth Park and hosts a gorgeous view of Downtown Vancouver. You can learn more about SHIFT by Aragon Properties here.

Thank you to the team at Aragon for having me add my touch of sustainability to their penthouse suite!

Bulbs purchased secondhand from Value Village.
This secondhand Christmas tree was purchased from Value Village and filled with secondhand ornaments from Value Village and gifted by members in the community who no longer wanted them.
Opt-in for a no-waste holiday table. The fruits and greenery can be composted while the candles and tableware can be used all year-round.
Gift your loved-ones with zero-waste wrapping. Choose newspapers are gift-wrap and floral bouquets as bows.
Wearing my secondhand Pendleton blazer from Value Village!
Kick single-use treat wrapping to the curb and choose bulk items like nuts, chocolates, dried fruits and mints. There are so many options of candy, chocolates and more to choose from! I sourced these glass jars from Value Village.
LEFT: Jaleh Fotoohi of J. Events Planning & Design who designed all of the greenery arrangements.

Images by Jordan Leigh Photography.

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