Shop Obsession – Sabo Skirt

A few weeks ago Lyndsey showed me an instagram account for Sabo Skirt, an online shop based in Australia created by bloggers Thessy and Yiota. The minute she showed me I was enthralled in all of their photos and spent the rest of the drive flipping through their products and wanted everything I saw! I know the world is stuck on right now but I’ve hopped off that train because I find the website to be too intimidating with countless items. A few things I liked about Sabo Skirt was that it has beautiful items, great prices and not countless numbers of pages of clothing that you get overwhelmed. Lyndsey and I are putting in our first orders next week and I’m so excited! Below is my list of what I want to pick from. I had to share this site with all of you because I know you’ll love it!

Poncho Tunic $58
Madonna Dress – Mint $58
Neon Orange Blouse $48
Red Ridinghood Blazer $52
Lyla Skirt – Black $52
Off The Shoulder Top – White $52


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