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This year I’m adding a new segment to the blog. Since I stopped talking about my personal dating stories I’ve found it a little difficult to decide what exactly is it that I can divulge to you all. I’ve always been candid and open and after running into so many people after ending my personal posts, the consensus is… you still want it all!

SoOooOOoO… although this will be the first one, I plan to put out a video series called “20 Questions” 4 times a year, 1 video every 3 months. In these videos I will be answering your personal questions that you have for me! But if that wasn’t enough, it has a little twist.

I won’t know what your questions are until they’ve been asked on camera by my videographer Sarah Boland. Ah, ha! I like a good surprise and there’s nothing better than a surprise on camera. So this is how it works:

1. Think of questions. Any question! They can be as weird, sweet or obscure as you like. Ask me anything.
2. Email your question to Sarah Boland at bolandiayvr@gmail.com.
3. Sarah will pick the top 20 questions and ask me on camera.

All questions need to be in by Sunday February 1st at 12pm Pacific Time. The video will be published shortly after!

Have fun with this, ask me anything. I can’t wait to answer you!


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