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I’ll admit, I was a wee bit late to the podcast game because if I couldn’t handle my own thoughts why would I blast someone elses through my headphones? Alas, I’ve joined the podcast community and am listing 6 podcasts below that I just can’t get enough of! I’ve linked them in each title for you to take a little listen to and if you have any that you recommend I would love to learn about them.

DTR – The Official Tinder Podcast

Even though I’m in a relationship doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good Tinder story, right?? Heck, I could host this podcast on my own with the online dating adventures I’ve be succumbed to. This podcast is all about defining relationships in a digital age. PSA: I met my boyfriend on Tinder.

Oh Boy

Lead by our leader, Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, this podcasts marries entertainment with informative content. The podcast host sits down with bomb-ass women in arts, tech and fashion to chat about their lives and work. Sign me up!

The Guilty Feminist 

This is a newer podcast for me that follows Comedian Deborah Frances-White and her topics “all 21st century feminists agree on”. This is one I recommend for all of my female friends out there as it touches on subjects like “female friendships” and “living arrangements.”

The New Yorker Radio Hour

The latest podcast is with Jerry Seinfeld and that’s all you need to know about this podcast.

Stuff You Should Know 

The title basically tells it all and much like myself, who is filled with unnecessary bits of information, this podcast will inform you on the stuff you should know like “How Psychopaths Work” or “A Dry Look At Toilet Paper”. Heading to a party and don’t know anyone there? Flip this podcast on and let the information nobody asked you about, be your party trick.

Unsolved Murders

For someone who can’t handle anything scary you would wonder why this is one of my top podcasts. This podcast takes a deep look into old unsolved murders and cold cases and I find those stories to be quiet interesting. Make some popcorn and keep the lights on.

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