Pemberton Festival Pre-game With Perrier

If you’ve been following along on Snapchat then you know that I’m home from Palm Springs. Cue sad violin and a slow “womp, womp, womp…”. BUT, the fun isn’t stopping! In 10 days I’ll be leaving with my besties for a fun 4 days in Pemberton for the Pemberton Music Festival. There is no better way to get us pumped for 4 days of sunshine and musical bliss than with the perfect pre-game party!

Today I’m coming together with Meagan, Sabrina, Josh (Joshy) and Bria and celebrating a mini vacation with amazing small bites by Railtown Catering and sips by Perrier. Typically, a pre-game party is locked and loaded with a ton of comfort food that makes me cringe at the fact that I’ll have to work it all off at the gym for the next million days, so we decided to do something a little different. Railtown Catering pulled out all of the stops with their charcuterie boards and summer menu and we devoured the entire table. No blue cheese was harmed in the making of this post.

Not only did we not have to prepare any of the food but we didn’t have to do any dishes! The Railtown Catering team picked everything up for us with no mess.

To get ourselves ready for days of endless Perrier at the Perrier Greenhouse, we stocked up on our latest favourite flavour, L’Orange. We may have spiked a couple of the Perriers but shh…

Hopefully this post can give you some inspiration on how to deck out your festival pre-game party! A catering team and already mixed Perriers can save you a lot of time, hint hint! Nothing to do but sit back, crack open a can and stuff your face with more salami. No gym necessary.

PS. Check out my latest post HERE for the only music you need for your pre-gamer!



Perrier Patio Party Collage 2




Perrier Patio Party Collage 3



Perrier Patio Party Collage 1




Photos by Denise Lin | Production by JEvents Planning & Design


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