Countdown To The Perrier Greenhouse At Pemberton Festival: Playlist

Pemberton Festival is only a few weeks away and I couldn’t be more excited! I haven’t attended Pemberton Festival before but after taking some time to peek at what will be going on, my excitement is on full drive. Besides the musical acts, comedians and all of the yummy comfort food, I’m pretty stoked to check out the Perrier Greenhouse.

This is the first year that the Perrier Greenhouse will be at Pemberton Festival and if you’re trying to visualize it, let me help you. Imagine a massive white framed greenhouse filled with lucite bars providing the latest Perrier flavours as you dance to the tunes of one of your favourite DJ coming from their in-house stage. Tell me that doesn’t get your hyped.

To put you in the right mood I’ve created a Pemberton Festival Perrier Greenhouse playlist. You’ll see the playlist to the very bottom of this post.

Enjoy and I’ll see you at the Greenhouse!


Second photo of Perrier can by Denise Lin.


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