Vancouver Events: Vallea Lumina in Whistler

Three weeks ago I was among the first 600 in Vancouver to preview the long-awaited Vallea Lumina launch. Held at Whistler’s Cougar Mountain, Villea Lumina is an immersive light and sound experience along a 1.5 km lush rain forest walk. We didn’t know what to expect and as we entered the space were quickly enchanted with a lit trail and ominous sounds of the forest. As we wandered along the trail, we realized that this is a full on sensory experience! Using a combination of emotive lights, videos, soundscape and scenography, we were transported to another world, with plenty of opportunities to…

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Vancouver Event Planning: ROQUE Jewelry Media Launch

If you’re joining my site for the first time and are not familiar with what I do professionally, I am a Vancouver based Marketing Consultant that aims to fuel empowerment and education in business owners to take a hold of their brands and create unique experiences to aid the growth of their businesses. In addition to that, I provide Production Management services in photo, video, media campaigns and media events such as today’s blog post. Today’s post highlight’s the spring collection media launch event for ROQUE Jewelry. ROQUE Jewelry is one of my favourite jewelry brands. Owners, Michelle Addison and…

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How To Start A Summer Fitness Routine

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it – summer has come and it’s time to get our butts into gear, set those fitness goals and think about how to start a summer fitness routine. The warmer weather always inspires me to get active but sometimes it’s a task that gets pushed to the waist-side because of my busy schedule. It’s around this time every year that I want to amp up my summer fitness routine because If you’re like me, when the weather gets better, it gets harder to keep up a dedicated schedule. Below are my tips & tricks…

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How To Find Your Passion

During my 10 years in marketing and blogging I’ve been faced with many questions. Answers, I have many. But one question has continued to have me pause in regards to how to find your passion. This is a question that I’ve personally struggled with because I don’t know if I entirely have the answer to it. Passion is a journey that will be different for everyone and I’m learning that there is no clear-cut way to getting to what your passion is. Is passion something you even find? I posed the question to my dear friend Daniel Roddy and his…

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Independent Women’s Clothing Boutiques in Vancouver

Ah, shopping. It’s one of those experiences that I can go weeks, sometimes months without doing and then it takes one purchase for you to break that cycle. Of course, I always justify the purchase with “I can wear it on the blog!” which makes it okay, right? Yesterday, during a casual sweaty day in pre-summer Vancouver fashion, I stopped into a new Gastown pop-up for a Vancouver based brand called Serenity West. I didn’t expect to purchase anything but couldn’t resist trying on an environmentally friendly linen dress. It didn’t fit but as I made my way out the…

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