• Vancouver Social Media For Business Workshop

    Vancouver Social Media For Business Workshop
  • The Little Moments That Make Us “Us” (video)

    The Little Moments That Make Us “Us” (video)
  • Shopping for Holiday Outfits with Park Royal

    Shopping for Holiday Outfits with Park Royal
  • The Little Black Bag by Kings Road

    The Little Black Bag by Kings Road

How To Socialize On A Budget

It’s tough to socialize on a budget – particularly because we have so many options to choose from in Vancouver. We’re a foodie city filled with new restaurants opening every month and plenty to do on weekends. But sometimes your bank account has other plans. I want to be there for my friends, but when income is low I need to adjust my lifestyle to prioritize the bills that matter. However, saying “no” to your friends when they ask you to hangout can be a total bummer. For example, some months can be busier than others with obligations on top of…

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Los Angeles Travel Guide 2018

Believe it or not, I’ve never explored Los Angeles before! I briefly visited LA about 6 years ago and hit up Manhattan Beach then drove towards Palm Springs, so it was about time. Sabrina and I packed a lot into our one week vacation so I thought I would put together a Los Angeles travel guide for 2018 to keep you in the loop and share my favourite spots. Before we jump into where I went, here are some of the basics you should know. HOW MUCH MONEY TO TAKE TO LOS ANGELES: I used my credit card for every single…

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The difference between fast fashion vs. slow fashion

What is the difference between fashion fashion vs. slow fashion? What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by retailers to express that designs move from designer runways into their retail spaces, quickly. These fast fashion collections are based on the most recent fashion trends presented at Fashion Weeks during spring/summer and autumn/winter every year. What makes it fast, is optimizing aspects of the supply chain for these trendy designs to be manufactured quickly and inexpensively to allow the mainstream consumer to buy current clothing styles at a lower price. Fast fashion is blamed for pollution in…

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The Greasy Spoon Dinner Vancouver with A Better Life Foundation

I spent the better part of last year focusing on my career, mind, body and soul. During this time I had the pleasure of attending a few Greasy Spoon Dinners hosted by A Better Life Foundation. Besides a fun meal spent with friends, I was so taken by the power and impact that was happening before my eyes. Not only were we surrounded by like-minded indivuals eating dinner at a fun-loving diner but we were creating actual change through the power of donations to those in need. I knew I needed to be a part of this somehow. I became…

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Lighter layers for spring using blazers

Brought to you by H&M . Hello, spring! You’re my favorite season – I’m so glad you’re back! Last week I began chatting about warmer temperatures and what to wear now that we can shed our layers. I touched on mixing bright and muted colours and this week I’m going to chat about lighter layers for spring using blazers. There is just something about a blazer that makes me feel confident every time I wear one. But I’m not talking about your traditional office blazer, I’m talking about one that’s more sleek, fitted and a little longer past the hips. I wouldn’t…

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