My experience with Botox for hyperhidrosis

You probably didn’t expect someone who focuses on clean beauty to be discussing Botox with you but in today’s post I’m going to chat about why I decided to get Botox for hyperhidrosis. If you don’t know what that is, hyperhidrosis is basically excessive sweating. This isn’t the prettiest of topics but I wanted to share my experience with it because the more I’ve chatted with other women, the more similar stories I’ve heard. With that said, I have not met another woman that is not going through menopause that experiences the same type of hyperhidrosis as me. Much like…

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BoobyBall Vancouver: An Event To Rethink Breast Cancer

According to the Rethink Breast Cancer, year after year, breast cancer has been the most common type of cancer found in Canadian women. In 2017, there was an estimated 103,200 new cases of cancer in Canadian women and breast cancer was at the top of that list, making up 26% of those cases (26,300 women). Breast Cancer is also not just for women over the age of 50. In Canada, rates of death are higher with 21% of all cancer deaths occurring in women ages 30-59 years, whereas only 12% occurring in women 60 and older. Boobyball & Rethink Breast…

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Vancouver Homes: My Living & Dining Room Tour

I can’t believe I’m welcoming you into my home for the 3rd time in 4 years. Ever since I was little, I would change up my bedroom and Barbie house as often as my mood changed and that was a lot, let me tell you. Nothing’s changed as I’ve gotten older! I’m excited to bring you into my Vancouver condo and share a new home tour with design elements that I’ve very proud of. This tour is a little different than the other tours. I’m not going to be showing you the entire apartment as it isn’t completely done but…

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Luxury Thrift Shopping Tips

Last week we chatted about my top tips for shopping thrifted apparel. Today, we’re going to get to the holy-grail of thrift shopping… that’s right, luxury! Since I’m fairly new to shopping for thrifted apparel I thought it was best that I went to the pros for this one. Helen Siwak is a Vancouver based marketer, freelance writer and former owner of a luxury re-sale business. Helen’s knowledge of luxury re-sale goes deeper than you can imagine and I could listen to her chat about it for hours. Today, Helen is going to give us her best luxury thrift shopping…

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Pearl Jewelry Trends: Kara Yoo Ulla Collection

If you’re like me, we love pearls. With that said, I don’t reach for my classic pearl set on the daily because the shape is a little too dressed up for my day-to-day. I used to look for pearl jewelry that included pearls but wasn’t the classic round shape. A pearl necklace is pretty but it doesn’t really go with a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans! Enter the ULLA pearl jewelry collection by Canadian jewelry designer, Kara Yoo.¬†ULLA (u-la) meaning ‘gem of the sea’, is a collection that experiments with the contrast of the natural surface of pearls against geometric, hard…

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