• Circle Wellness Studio Vancouver

    Circle Wellness Studio Vancouver
  • BBQ Cauliflower with Vegan Ranch Dip Recipe

    BBQ Cauliflower with Vegan Ranch Dip Recipe
  • How To Make Oat Milk

    How To Make Oat Milk
  • Sustainable Options For Your Every Day

    Sustainable Options For Your Every Day

Sustainable Holiday Decorations For The Home

The holidays are here and it’s the most festive time of the year! This week is a popular week for holiday decorating at home and in this post, we’re going to go over the best ways to decorate your home for the holidays, sustainably. There are not many stats for Canada but in America, they throw away 25% more trash during Thanksgiving to New Year’s than any other time of the year. This creates 25 million tons of garbage… in just 2.5 months! There are many ways to decorate for the holidays that do not include new or single-use items. I had the pleasure of showcasing…

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Shopping Sustainably with Everlane

Fall is my favourite time of the year for fashion. I know many of you style mavens would agree! It’s the perfect time of the year for cosy sweaters, layers and boots but I will say, I just love wearing my basic t-shirt all year ’round. Of course, you can’t wear a cotton t-shirt to every function because it’s really only reserved for brunches, casual dinners and everyday wear but what if you found a t-shirt that elevates the classic style and is acceptable for dressier occasions? You buy it and you wear it to everything! I recently discovered a…

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What It Means to Run A Small Business

I want to begin this post by thanking each of you who are reading this for supporting my journey as a small business owner. Through the years, I have ventured into some unique projects. From my blogging career since 2008 to becoming a world-wide selling artist with I See Noise Prints to starting my own marketing company, CIEL Creative Marketing, heading into the world of apparel sustainability with ARCHIVE and partnering with brands like Mastercard who support my entrepreneurship. You have been there through every step, and I am appreciative of the feedback and support you have given me. This week…

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MY SKINCARE REGIMEN FOR ACNE (2-month update) Before & After photos.

It’s been 2 months since I began my skincare regimen for acne. I didn’t seem to notice a big difference until I put this post together and saw my before and after photos, side by side. I’ve been diligently drinking my collagen, taking my daily vitamins and nutrients and following my routine of products. I actually can’t believe that there is a noticeable difference in just 2 months. It hasn’t been smooth sailing the entire time. I did experience a few setbacks with breakouts last month due to drinking alcohol, eating sugar and getting my menstrual cycle. My pores enlargened,…

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Sustainable Substitutes For The Kitchen & Bathroom

Sustainability is a pretty hot buzz word at the moment. At any given moment you can scroll your Insta feeds to discover someone chatting about the climate crisis and what we should do to activate it against it. It can all feel extremely overwhelming! Some of you do your part and others don’t even know where to begin. In today’s post, I’m going to share with sustainable substitutes for the kitchen and the bathroom. One of my favourite quotes is that we don’t need a billion people doing it perfectly, we need a billion people don’t it imperfectly. This basically…

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