• BBQ Cauliflower with Vegan Ranch Dip Recipe

    BBQ Cauliflower with Vegan Ranch Dip Recipe
  • How To Make Oat Milk

    How To Make Oat Milk
  • Sustainable Options For Your Every Day

    Sustainable Options For Your Every Day
  • Vegan McDonald’s Big Mac Recipe

    Vegan McDonald’s Big Mac Recipe

Susan Cooks Vegan Coconut Yogurt Recipe

In this post, I’m sharing how you can find Susan Cooks Vegan’s Coconut Yogurt Recipe. Plant-based eating has become so much easier to me as the month’s go on. When I first became fully plant-based about 4 months ago, I was a little worried. Not because of the nutrients but because of the recipes that I would make! I truly enjoy cooking, I find it relaxing yet exciting but I can also get lost in a loop of recipes and become bored. Since I met Susan, I’ve recreated many of her recipes and she’s brought new life into cooking routines!…

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Vegan Pantry Staples + Bulk Food Organization

After a well-taken series of Instagram story posts on my Bulk food organization, I’ve decided to put together a post highlighting my tips for bulk-food storage while touching on vegan pantry staples. Let’s get right into it! Why is having a bulk pantry so important? Purchasing ingredients or items in bulk will lower your waste consumption and curb your garbage contribution. By purchasing items without packaging, you are able to contribute to a zero-waste or low-waste economy. There is no guarantee that your soft plastic or hard plastic will be recycled with your city so it’s best to not consume…

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Shopping Local For The Holiday

The holidays are the busiest shopping time of the year. According to PwC, Canadians will spend an average of $1,593.00 during the holidays this year, a 1.9% increase from 2018. Roughly half of that total spend is on gifts with the rest being on travel, food and other items. With this gift-giving season being a prime time for retailers, I’d like to take this opportunity to shine some light on the smaller shops that create local, sustainable items that will be perfect for anyone on your list! Shopping local is important for many reasons. One of my favourites is that…

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Before & After Photos of my Skincare Program with Touch of Joy

We are finally here! The before and after photos of my skincare program with Touch of Joy in Vancouver. Thank you for joining me on my three-month skincare program. My skin has been a triggering issue of mine since I was a teenager and over the last three months, I have discovered that the healing of it is more of a process that I had anticipated. Mainly because I’m used to the marketing that products or services should provide you with instant relief. I am very thankful to the team at Touch of Joy for helping me get to clearer…

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Sustainable Holiday Decorations For The Home

The holidays are here and it’s the most festive time of the year! This week is a popular week for holiday decorating at home and in this post, we’re going to go over the best ways to decorate your home for the holidays, sustainably. There are not many stats for Canada but in America, they throw away 25% more trash during Thanksgiving to New Year’s than any other time of the year. This creates 25 million tons of garbage… in just 2.5 months! There are many ways to decorate for the holidays that do not include new or single-use items. I had the pleasure of showcasing…

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