Comfort Zones

43 stories high in the middle of Downtown, Vancouver, I stood with my photographer Henry Hwu and was amazed at the sight in front of us. Living in Vancouver my entire life I was certain I had seen the city from most angles. Not until I was standing on the roof of my building did I actually appreciate my surroundings. These photos were shot on the 42nd floor of the building, on the balcony of a penthouse but once we crept around the corner, climbed to the top of an attached ladder did my nerves begin to set in, the sweat start to bead down and my eyes open bigger. I have never seen a view like this before! I am now standing on the roof of my building with nothing holding me down, the cloudless sky allowing the sun to soak into my skin and a 365 view of all of Vancouver towards the suburbs of Richmond, Burnaby and beyond – I feel happy… and completely uncomfortable.

Can you really feel uncomfortable and happy at the same time? I wondered this for a moment and decided that it’s basically how I’ve been living the majority of my adult life. Because I take so many chances and say “yes” to almost anything except for the man with candy in an unmarked van, I’ve allowed to make myself become uncomfortable to the point of happier beyond belief.

I’m about to take the plunge into another uncomfortable tent pole in my career. I am leaving my client list for the summer and am taking a break. It’s not that my work has been difficult and I’m exhausted. It’s that it no longer fulfills me. Client work was not what I sought after, it’s what came to me and I took it.

One afternoon, during a binge of Drop Dead Diva, I came upon an episode that changed my thinking forever. Kim Kaswell pops into a coffee shop and the man behind her chats her up ending with asking her out on a date. She continues to her office and sees the same man sitting at the temp desk outside of her office and is in shock that he’s the temp! She asks if he’s happy just being a temp and his response floored me. He lists that he enjoys his job,  works flexible hours, has his evenings and weekends, gets to fulfill his hobbies, is provided benefits, leaves his work at the desk, gets paid a great wage and the list continues.

During a conversation with my dear friend Kerrie, we discussed what it takes to define a “career” and what it takes to have one. I’ve always felt that having a career means you are doing something that makes you happy and feeds your soul. It doesn’t need to be one position with one company for 20 years. My career is in Marketing and that is what i will always do – but in many, many facets. I don’t want to be a temp, but I want to be doing something that provides me with more. Instead of being hired for tasks, I want to be able to grow to the top of a company.

I’m not bad at my job, I’m actually quite great at what I do and have enjoyed a bounty of success. One day I may come back to client work but for now, I am looking to take a break and come back to work when I am ready to begin a new journey with ONE company. I want to place my efforts into the growth of a brand and feed all of my working energy into it. You can imagine that when you do it for 9 different companies at once, you can get tapped out quickly!

So, for now, I’ll be doing the odd project here and there, travelling and basking in the sunshine. When I return, I will be uncomfortable.

But happy.





Black J.Crew top | Black Partyskirt skirt
Black GUESS shoes | Tortoise Shell Topshop sunglasses | Silver Rotary watch

Photos by Henry Hwu.



  1. Sarah
    June 5, 2016 / 10:16 AM

    Best wishes on your new journey!

  2. Amelia Bradaric
    June 4, 2016 / 7:46 PM

    You’re amazing.

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