Natural Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe

We all know how much I love my food and with a full-time job, the blog, a relationship & needy kitties and an arsenal of friends & family to give my time to, there doesn’t seem to be too much time in the day where I have the energy to create a healthy meal for myself. I make all of my lunches for work but sometimes the morning gets away from me and I miss breakfast or there isn’t much time before or after a group fitness class for dinner. So, today I’m showing you one of my favourite ways to get in a healthy meal with a 100% all natural peanut butter smoothie recipe!

I like my meals to be easy with simple ingredients that leave me full. It’s a tricky balance to find meals that can leave you full and are portion controlled. Using easy-to-find ingredients from your local grocery store, here are the 4 simple ingredients to creating a delicious and 100% all natural peanut butter smoothie.

Using your pick of a blender, add the following:

  1. Berries – You can play around with your choice of berries for this recipe. My go-to fruit is frozen strawberries! I keep them frozen to give my smoothie a thicker texture and a nice chill. Either purchase frozen berries or buy them fresh and freeze them for the later.
  2. Kraft Peanut Butter – The reason I add the peanut butter second, is so that it doesn’t get stuck to the top of the blender cup but rather get’s pushed down from the berries. To add extra flavour without adding more ingredients, I’m using the latest Kraft 100% All-Natural Peanut Butter flavours, Honey! This adds a hint of honey to my smoothies and I don’t need to purchase an entire bottle of honey – which I probably wouldn’t use for anything else. Another great choice is their Sea Salt flavour if you’re wanting a more sweet/salty* smoothie. (*Not actually salty, just a hint of it and much healthier than table salt)
  3.  Protein Powder – Add your choice of flavoured protein powder. I’m choosing vanilla for this specific smoothie.
  4. Soy milk – I don’t drink regular milk at home but opt in for Soy or Almond.

Voila! Mix it up and enjoy!

Quick note: When using Kraft’s 100% All Natural Peanut Butter, keep your jar upside down so the oil stays mixed for best results, stir before using and refrigerate it after opening. Natural peanut butter is made with simple ingredients so treat it as you would your other natural foods. 

What sort of smoothie’s do you like to make?? Do you have any suggestions for simple and healthy meals on-the-go? Let me know!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kraft Peanut Butter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Photography by Vancouver Photography Reece Voyer.


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