My Workout Rituals With Saje Wellness

As a creature of habit and everyday rituals, it was a no brainer that I would incorporate them into my weekly fitness routines. I’ve repeated to myself “cell phone, keys, wallet” before leaving in the morning for the last 6 years and I’ve recently begun using the Saje Yoga Transition Mist before I sleep (Yes, not for yoga, but for bed! It helps me adjust from a fast paced day to sleep mode.) But what do I incorporate into my fitness routine? It isn’t so much what I do during but before and after. I’ve thrown my pre-workout drinks to the side and substituted in my Saje Energy Revitalizing Roller. I do my best to not consume caffeine or other forms of energy starters into my diet so this was a great alternative for a quick pick me up.

Saje Energy Revitalizing Roller – Kick caffeine to the curb with this natural pick-me-up. An invigorating, revitalizing and uplifting blend to reduce tension and mental fatigue so you can stay sharp.

Key Ingredients

  • Peppermint refreshes and uplifts.
  • Lemon brightens the mind and inspires positive thoughts.
  • Rosemary keeps your mind sharp and invigorates while releasing stressful feelings.

Where to apply

  • Inside of wrists
  • Base of head (back)
  • Base of feet
  • Corner of jaw line & neck
  • WARNING: Do not apply this to your temples as the oil will draw into your eyes when you sweat…. learned that the hard way!

Typically, when I have muscle aches and pains that keep me from my day to day roamings I revert to a Tylenol or anything that helps reduce pain and swelling. Instead, I’m using the Saje Apres Sport oil to calm my joints and aches. It takes a little longer for the pain to subside but it’s a much more natural process and leaves me smelling great!

Saje Apres Sport Bath, Body & Massage Oil – You’ve put in the hard work – now feel even better for it by rewarding your body with a soothing blend of essential oils.

Key Ingredients

  • Roman Chamomile to relax the body and ease muscular aches and pains.
  • Eucalyptus to soothe the body and calm the mind.
  • Cajeput to reduce feelings of discomfort with a warming, stimulating sensation.

Where to apply

  • Anywhere you feel joint or muscle aches or will feel the next day.

Do you use any natural rituals in your fitness routine or daily life? I would love to learn more!

Photography by Vancouver Photographer Reece Voyer.


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