My New Almay Routine

(Above photo taken by Tobin Smith of | makeup by Sarah Smith)

In one of my last posts I showed you my evening spent with Almay Canada and today I’m going to show you my newly acquired Almay products that I can’t stop wearing! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that my makeup bag got an entire overhaul and I’ve switched out previous coveted beauty products for my new ones. I know it’s a matter of time before I start to mix them in with my other favourite brands but right now I’m sticking with what I like.

My new routine:

1) After washing my face I apply the Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer. This smoothes and colour corrects my skin and removes redness.

2) I apply a small amount of Smart Shade CC Cream (Complexion Corrector) this is instead of my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, or if you use a foundation. – 300 Medium


**I’ll admit, the first day I loved the combination of the two but the more I used it the more I realized it’s not for my skin (as a combo). The mix of the primer and CC cream started to flake on my skin looking like dead skin shedding, not a good look. I’m going to continue to use the primer because it has made my skin look a little better.

Erin from The Sparkle gave me a hot tip: Wait 15 minutes after applying the primer before I apply the CC Cream.

3) The eye shadow set, eyeliner and mascara have all been chosen for my brown eyes. Purple really makes them pop so naturally the shadow is a set of 3 shades of purple, the mascara is yes.. purple! When the mascara is applied you’d never know it’s a colour but it does something to my eyes that makes them more bold. The eyeliner has sparkles in it to catch the light and make my eyes gleam. – 411 Trio for browns | 031 Onyx | 031 Plum



4) The Liquid Lip Balm is AH-MAZING. Not only does it taste and look good but it moisturizes my lips and fills in all the creases. My hair doesn’t get stuck in it like other sticky lip glosses. – 400 Lilac Loves


5) A light brush on my cheekbones with the Smart Shade Blush – 10 Pink Rose


END OF DAY: Remove my makeup with the oil-free towelettes THEN wash my face with my regular face wash. I’ve been using them every night for 8 days now and my skin is looking a little better, I’ve been able to remove all the makeup instead of leaving little bits here and there that my face wash could not remove.


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