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With my contract at Robson Street nearing an end I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what my next steps will be. I’m a planner by definition but when it comes to my career I make quick moves with no plans and I see where it takes me. Sure, I could plan it out and my career would be a different type of high point but let’s face it, I think this way is a little more fun and keeps me open to collaboration.

I’ve been putting most of my attention into gaining inspiration on what my next move will be. I took a little unconventional route and decided to turn my attention to my television set. Two of my favourite business based shows are powered by money and people who have an intense passion for what they do: Dragons Den / Shark Tank and Million Dollar Listing New York/LA/Miami. These two shows leave me feeling excited and hungry to have more in my life! If you haven’t seen either of them, I suggest you take some time to. I’m definitely powered by money but in the end, if I don’t like what I do then it isn’t worth the money. I find their hard work and enthusiasm for their work infectious and I can’t wait to get started!

I recently came across a quote by Gary Vaynerchuk that opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. I don’t remember it verbatim and I can’t find it online but it was along the lines of finding what you do best and “have fucking tunnel vision”. This may seem like an obvious thought to some of you but it was just what I needed to open my eyes and send me in a new direction.

My career in marketing was based on digital strategy, online campaigns, influencer marketing, social media posting & growth, photo/video production, photo content creation and execution of all of the listed. If I had to remove any of my previous roles to move forward, it would be to not create photo content or post on social media. Why? Creating photo content, although fun, was never my strongest skill and posting to social media was to be completely honest – a total time suck. This role can best be given to someone who is looking for a part time gig who is eager to gain experience and their foot in the door.

What’s my new direction? I’m listening to Gary and having fucking tunnel vision. I’ve picked my top 3 skills and am going to focus heavily on them!
Strategy (online and offline) – creating strategy, plans and schedules for content, campaigns and events.
Consulting – On hand consulting to help grow businesses and set them up for success.
Photo & Video Production – This is my favourite of the bunch! I absolutely love the planning, sourcing and execution of photo shoots and videos. Creating story boards, sourcing of everyone and everything involved and working closely with the photographer and videographer to gain the right feel, shots, music and editing.

As a self proclaimed magician of manifestation or as Alex likes to put it “the one with the horseshoe up their ass”, I think this will be the best next step for me. It will allow me to work with a collective of talented individuals and help grow a brand from the inside. I can’t wait to see this come to life!

If you have any tips or thoughts to share with me about this career move please send me a comment or email! I welcome feedback and helpful insight.


Zara suit | BRUNETTE The Label “Brunette” tshirt
Jeffrey Campbell D’Orsay loafers | Mejuri loop earrings & spheres bracelet | Clearly Main + Central TUESDAY glasses

Photography by Vancouver Photographer Reece Voyer.


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  1. Nuha Salloum
    July 21, 2017 / 8:01 PM

    I love the suit, great color. Randa, anything you put your mind into it will turn to magnificent success. Looking forward to see what is your next chapter of life, wishing you the best.

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