A Minimal Halloween Party With Etsy Canada

Happy first week of the fall season! The countdown is officially on for Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas, making the rest of the year fly by and I’m kind of okay with that because before we know it we can wear shorts again. So, according to my logic, Summer is just around the corner.

BUT, before we get to Summer let’s talk about a holiday that in the past, I couldn’t really get a handle on… I’ve been the yellow Power Ranger, a clown, a cat (obvs) and more. Yep, you guessed it by the title of this post and the photo below, I’m talking Halloween. I stopped celebrating Halloween in 2011 but in 2010, it was a real bash. My (ex)boyfriend and I lived together in a 1,000 sqr ft. apartment, that we turned into a glow house! We spent hours cracking and hanging up glow sticks throughout the entire apartment so when the lights were off, it looked like you were in a scene from Tron. It was a total hit! He was a member of Daft Punk with a homemade uncanny helmet and I was Olive Oil from Popeye. Bun to boot.

After my six year break from All Hallows Eve I think I’m ready to jump back on the trick or treat bandwagon. Alex, my boyfriend now is a HUGE fan of Halloween and dresses up every year. I seem to be the only person who hasn’t celebrated in a while.

Now that we’re living in a larger apartment together that is designed to host, I’m in the mood!! But to stick true to my minimal design aesthetic, and incapability to commit to Halloween decorations, here is my roundup of minimal decor items all found from Canadian Etsy sellers that can be used all year around for actual decor, gift giving or a fun gathering. FYI: Not suitable for dog lovers. #CatLyfe.


Cat Poster – Because why wouldn’t you want to come home to a cat poster? This makes for a super fun and modern addition to a Halloween party and can be used for everyday decor.

Cheers Witches String Banner For those that know me, I love a good curse word. I should have come out of the womb with a bleeping sensor. But, not everyone loves to throw around the B-word as much as I do so this banner is the perfect trade off! It’s a fun alternative when wanting to get a little cheeky. You can order it pre-strung or in a DIY version.

Ghost Cup I’m not a big drinker but I’m a big punner so you can understand how much I appreciated this “I’m Here For the Boos” cup. I feel like you could use this for almost any event.

Black Gift Boxes I like to give out little gifts to my guests when they come over for a holiday or event. These chic little black boxes are an ideal choice for someone who doesn’t want to commit to cheesy Halloween colours and designs. Plus, your guests can re-use them.

Black Ceramic Bowl Not only will you use this for your abundance of lemons but candy is also welcome.

Cat stickers Because, cats. Plus they make for super cute envelope closures or on your guest name-plates at the table. #ILoveCats

Black Plastic Cutlery When a bevy of people are over, the last thing I want to do is the dishes.

Black Balloons The obvious choice! And if you buy too many, I’m sure you’ll have another excuse to blow one up.

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