How To Maintain False Lash Extensions with All Dolled Up Studio

You know the saying, “It’s good to have a friend in Real Estate?” Well I think it’s always best to have a friend in Beauty!

When Danielle West of All Dolled Up Makeup & Hair had announced she was offering lash extensions, I was thrilled! I’ve had an experience with false lashes before at a known franchise and I was not happy with the outcome. When it comes to my Estheticians, I like to go with someone I can trust.

If you don’t know Danielle, let me introduce you! Danielle West is the Owner and Principal Stylist of All Dolled Up Makeup & Hair, based in downtown Vancouver. With an extensive experience in makeup and hair in many global cities, Danielle has established a full team of makeup and hair stylists to cater to your events in Vancouver and Toronto.

You’ve probably seen Danielle and her team’s work for many weddings and events. To learn more about her makeup and hair services, click HERE.

Now, to the lashes. I’m a super low maintenance gal when it comes to my beauty routines. Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m wearing less and less makeup on my day to day and am beginning to cut out eye liner as it’s making my eyes water. Maybe I’m allergic, I don’t know. But, what I do know is that I want to look fresh and ready without having too much on.

Enter, Danielle! In her downtown home studio, on a relaxed bed I laid down while listening to a Pop’s Greatest Hits playlist and fell in and out of sleep. I just love getting treatments done. I could probably sleep during a waxing appointment!

Danielle was super gentle and focused on providing the fullest set of lashes she can. The treatment was painless, comfortable and everything that my original experience with the franchise was not!

Here is the before photo…



And here is the after! I’m VERY happy with how they turned out. I’m not wearing any eye makeup in this photo except for a touch of mascara on my lower lashes. My eyes look vibrant and open without having to add liner and a ton of mascara and shadow. These lashes will last up to 3 weeks to the utmost care. To book an appointment with Danielle, click HERE.

As I mentioned, I’m low a low maintenance person. So, how does one take care of their lashes? Scroll below to see my tips to take care of your false lash extensions.


Tips and tricks on taking care of your false lash extensions:

GROOMING – Using a brush wand (basically a plain and clean mascara wand) you want to brush your lashes upwards and help separate the lashes in the morning and in the evening. After a long day or sleep, your lashes have gone rogue. Best to keep them in check!

FACE WASHING – I don’t wear foundation as my every day routine so my face doesn’t need that much of a scrub down. Typically, I’ll splash my face with water and lather cleanser all over. With my lashes, I’ll need to pat my face wet and rub the cleanser in specific areas, avoiding my eyes. If you wear foundation or any heavy makeup, I suggest using makeup removing wipes before you cleanse.

SHOWER – It’s okay to get your face wet, just don’t immerse your face under the water. I keep a face cloth in the shower with me to dab my lower eye lids if any suds or water have gotten inside. Avoid the burn!

SLEEP – Try your best to sleep on your sides and back. Sleeping on your face can ruin your lashes. You may be asking “who sleeps on their face??” Well, I do, and my boyfriend makes fun of me for it.

MAKEUP – Avoid any eye makeup that is oil based. This will release the lashes before your 3 weeks.  You will not be able to wear mascara on your lashes unless you have purchased an oil free mascara.

EXTRAS – No steam or sauna for the fist 24 hours.

Danielle’s tip to extend the life of your lashes: Always cleanse your lashes with an oil free makeup cleanser.  A good tip is to buy baby shampoo, and make a mix of 1/4 shampoo and the rest water.  This is totally safe and will clean your lashes without prematurely removing them.  When you clean your lashes regularly you will extend their life.  Gently massage with your fingers to wash away any dirt and dust.  Never use a cloth for this.  Brush dry with your mascara wand and allow to air dry.

To keep you lashes looking healthy and full book a touch up appointment every 2-3 weeks to replace any lash extensions that have naturally shed with your own lashes.

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