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Melissa Araujo dress | Adidas shoes | Zara bag | Topshop sunglasses

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I’m so thrilled to be sharing these images with you all! Last week I was shot by the incredible Sabrina Fenster and Jeremy Levy of Street Scout – a Vancouver based street style site showcasing some of Canada’s most fashionable. Street Scout has just launched a new series showcasing Bloggers and to kick it off check out their first feature on myself! I had such a blast shooting with them and will be showing you our second outfit in the next couple of weeks. To see more shots from this outfit click HERE.

If you’ve been following me on social media then you know I’ve become a big fan of Melissa Araujo – a local, Brazilian born fashion designer. I’ll be talking more about her in the outfit post mentioned above. In the meantime, check out her pieces HERE.


Last week I didn’t post an outfit and in turn didn’t post about what’s been going on with my dates. The last we spoke I had shared that I was no longer seeing three hunks but was spending my time focused on one. It was going great. We saw each other just about every second day and things were on track. He had introduced me to his friends during a weekend birthday barbeque and I gotta say – I totally hit it off with them! Best friend seal of approval – successful.

As each day came and gone that we spent together I grew to have stronger feelings for him and always looked forward to our dates. It was all going perfect and according to plan. Last weekend he decided to throw a wrench into the gears that were moving forward and tell me he no longer wanted to see me. Say whaaaaaaat?!

Shocked. In Awe. Speechless. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I didn’t see it coming from a mile away. The way he started it too “I’m glad you asked if I was seeing anyone else because I’ve given it some thought and…” That sentence could literally go either way and it went the route of him wanting to be single for longer. I was so stunned when it happened – in person may I add – he came over to tell me – he felt awful and told me he really likes me and this makes it hard for him but he doesn’t want to regret jumping into a relationship if he wasn’t ready. I didn’t have enough time to gather my thoughts before I walked him out the door. The minute the door closed I cried. I gathered my thoughts and texted him what I wish I had said in person. Our conversation was smooth and he answered all of my questions with genuine responses.

After being in only one, ten year relationship in his 27 years and being single for a year he wants and needs more time to be single and be selfish. Convenient timing seeing as how hes going on a guys trip this week for a few weeks. I completely understood where he was coming from but it totally sucked. It was such a shitty feeling but I’m glad we can stay friends.

The last thing I wanted to let myself do was sulk and go through the “is it me?” waves so not even 24 hours later I picked up my phone and made a date with another guy who I had cancelled on because funny enough – I met the guy above. We have a date on Wednesday.

I bounce back quick.







Photos by Jeremy Levy.

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