I’m gonna post what I like, not what you like

There are quite a few heated discussions among Bloggers at the moment that all revolve around one thing: Instagram. I don’t discuss this much at all on the site because, well, it isn’t necessary and more of an internal thought process. Instagram can be stressful for a Blogger. Why? Because it can dictate the path we take with our hobbies, businesses, brands, etc. As a viewer or reader, these sort of thoughts don’t impact your day-to-day but your action towards our choices impacts ours heavily. What do I mean by that? Your choice to read our blog post, like our Instagram post, retweet our Tweet, etc. can effect our progress and this is how:

  • Blogger posts photo showcasing brand
  • Reader sees photo and chooses to like or not like
  • Brand sees engagement (likes & comments) and determines if that Blogger was worth working with
  • Blogger stresses on health of photo (how well it does)

That is legitimately how the mindset of a Blogger works when posting brand related content. Some may disagree but my reply to them is “you’re lying.”

Now, I’m not asking for a wave of likes and comments to come through my Instagram channel but it does determine what I think you like to see and what I actually decide to post. The more likes I see on an image, the more I’m inclined to post similar topics or images. The less likes I see on an image, the less likely I am to post it… even if I like it better.

This has got to stop.

In the last week I have seen many Bloggers polling on their Instagram feed and stories asking their readers what they like and what they want to see more of. I understand why they’re doing this but a big part of me feels off about it. I, as a Blogger, want you, the reader to like my content for what it is. I don’t want you to like my content because you’re on a liking spree and you haven’t even see my photo. I don’t want you to follow me because you did 4 years ago and don’t give a shit about my content now but just haven’t unfollowed me yet. I want you to actually enjoy my content. I take time out of my days to create beautiful story lines and imagery with a professional photographer – this is an actual career and is a version of art direction, production management, styling, modeling, etc. I’m not just snapping a photo with my Iphone and calling it a day. A lot of time and effort goes into my work and more than that, a lot of love and pleasure goes into this. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I LOVE creating these images!

I recently polled on my Instagram stories if you enjoy the new artistic direction that I’ve taken with my story videos and photos. About 60% of you said you did not like it, yet you seem to keep watching them. I was asked why I continue to post them if 60% of my viewers don’t like them and the answer is because I like it. Why did I poll? Maybe I’m just super curious or maybe a little bit of a masochist.

Regardless, I’m going to continue posting images and videos that I personally like and think are fucking cool and for all of you other Bloggers, I really hope you do the same. Don’t make all of your content look like everyone else’s even if it brings in the likes. You’re blogging for you and the readers that appreciate what you do!

This will be a bit of a roller coaster for me in terms of taking my advice and reverting back to my original thoughts on if I should post something.  We wanna bring in the engagement because that’s how we progress in our blogging career. But we also want to do what we like.

So, go ahead and enjoy my content. Even the 60% of you.

Does anyone else feel this way??

***Note: Since posting this, I’ve had some comments and maybe some thoughts to clear up. I look at my blog as a business so strategy does come into play when creating content but in the end, it still needs to be me. These are still platforms that I’ve use as an outlet for my creativity. So, strategy and all, I hope readers and brands can get on board with what I’m doing. In terms of the polling system on Instagram Stories, it’s a great way to understand who your followers are and who is viewing your content but if your readers aren’t liking your content then hunker down and think to yourself why don’t they like it, do you like it and what do you want to do about it – don’t just change it. 

Fashion Photography by Vancouver Photographer Reece Voyer.



  1. Alexandra
    October 26, 2017 / 4:02 PM

    Really enjoyed reading this post Randa. Thank you for your transparency and honesty! xo

  2. October 26, 2017 / 1:55 PM

    Tots Randa! Don’t loose the passion for why we started in the first place!


  3. Lilian
    October 25, 2017 / 10:30 PM

    Same question floated in my mind about these questions! Your work has to reflect you and you are 100% authentic :)

  4. nancy salloum
    October 23, 2017 / 10:06 PM

    Very well said. I like the stories and the posts you do, because they have substances, and creativity, and cool to spend five minutes of my time to enjoy reading something I like. Keep the good work.

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