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Randa Saslloum Brunette Label Vancouver Fashion

In the blink of a month, I’ll be 30. I’ve been waiting for this day for the last 5 years in the hopes that 30 will provide me with clarity. My Saturn Return prompted a new state in my life 3 years ago and I’m looking forward to the settling of my new decade.  With a new beginning ahead I’m looking to make some changes. I know, it’s a little cliche but I can’t help but feel inspired to take my life in a new direction. There are a number of things I would like to enhance to create a happier me and it involves living a more conscious lifestyle. Today I’m sharing what’s been on my mind and how to live a conscious life.


The last two months have been up & down with plans for Alex and me to leave Vancouver and start new chapters of our lives. We’ve been searching for the inevitable “what’s next?” answer. After much discussion, we’ve decided to keep Vancouver as our home base. Sorry, New York City… but for now you’ll just be desired from afar. Vancouver hasn’t felt like home in a while but there are many aspects of life here that I couldn’t give up for anything. So, how did I decide that this is the best choice for me?
1. I asked myself where I would be the happiest and why – New York is a dream but I’m really the happiest when my family and friends are near.
2. It’s okay to not leave – I haven’t lived anywhere else before but that’s okay! Just because it’s not something I’ve done, doesn’t mean I have to.
3. If I leave, will I stretch myself financially? – Absolutely. I won’t be able to work for the first 3 months unless a company has sponsored me. Even then, I need to prove that I can do the job over an American.

Compromise – Vancouver is home and if Alex receives a contract outside of Vancouver for 3 -6 months we take it!


As I mentioned, my contract with Robson Street is over in 5 months. This will be an opportunity for me to figure out what my next step is. Do I return to full-time blogging? Start a new company? Work for another company and continue the office positions? These are questions I ask myself on a daily basis and if I know myself at all, I won’t take action on it until a few weeks before it needs to happen. I’m not a procrastinator, I just need a fire under my ass. To find a career that makes me happy, these are the questions I ask myself.
1. How many hours a week do I want to work?
2. How do I feel about working FOR someone else?
3. How do I feel about working WITH someone else?
4. Am I okay with commuting or do I want to work from home?
5. How much money do I want to make?
6. Was I the happiest when I worked for myself or for someone else? Why?

Compromise – To work for someone else part-time while working on my own venture. 


I don’t need to stress the importance of your health because you’re all fully capable of understanding this but I think it’s time that I take my health to a new level.  I’m an advocate for working out and staying active, not dieting but eating in moderation and taking care of my skin. These are all big picture items but I’ve been lacking on the details of each. Here’s what I need to work on:
1. Working out regularly.
2. Actively understanding what my caloric intake is to help me achieve my muscle goals and just overall health. I won’t be counting my calories as we all know how much I love my doughnuts but it’s important to understand when you’ve gone over and why.
3. I have an in-depth skincare regimen but I can’t drink water to save my life. Water is an integral part of skin care and I’m severely lacking. I’m going to make more of an effort to drink more water even if it means my tiny bladder will rush me to bathroom 4 times an hour.
Another aspect of my skincare that I’ve recently been inspired to overhaul is flipping all of my products for ones that are 100% natural and cruelty-free. I have to thank my friend for the inspiration as she very nonchalantly said to me “If I can’t put it in my body, I don’t want it on my body”.  This is going to be difficult as a beauty blogger. I’m going to try my best to only promote beauty products that are natural and cruelty-free.

So, that’s where I’m at! The beginning of my 30’s will be placing all of this into motion and we’ll see where it takes me. Do you guys have the same questions? What do you do to get through them?

Randa Saslloum Brunette Label Vancouver Fashion

Randa Saslloum Brunette Label Vancouver Fashion

Randa Saslloum Brunette Label Vancouver Fashion

Randa Saslloum Brunette Label Vancouver Fashion

Randa Saslloum Brunette Label Vancouver Fashion

BRUNETTE The Label shirt and skirt | Frye boots | RayBan sunglasses

Photography by Vancouver Photographer Samantha Chan.


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