How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep Part II: Flax Sleep Linen Sheets Review


We’re onto part two of how to get a good night’s sleep! On Monday, I mentioned that Alex and I have been having the worst sleeps you can imagine. We continued to be woken up by the cats, light from outside and just a straight up uncomfortable bed. Now that we have our new mattress, our sleep has improved like you wouldn’t believe but a big part of that is from the sheets that we’ve been sleeping on. Previously, we slept on cotton sheets that felt a little rough (in comparison) and we constantly would remove the blankets off of us because they were not breathable.

I discovered linen sheets from Flax Sleep from a few friends of mine and they raved about the sheets so we thought we would give them a go! But, why linen? Linen is a natural fiber made from the flax plant. It doesn’t require any pesticides and every part of the plant is used. Linen is organic, recyclable and scores high on the ecological chart. Linen is moth resistant and biodegradable when not dyed from it’s natural colours in ivory, ecru, tan and grey. Linen can withstand high temperatures so that is perfect for hot nights in the summer or if you’re like me, just simply run super warm. It absorbs moisture without holding bacteria and the more you wash it, the better it gets!

How could you NOT want linen sheets after learning that??

Some bonus features that I think making buying this sheet set super easy: 

  • When you purchase your linen sheets from Flax Sleep you’re supporting a small, independent, female-founded Canadian team. An in addition to offering you luxurious linen bedding, they also believe in providing #ASafePlacetoSleep to women and children in need. Part of Flax Sleep proceeds (and all returned goods) go to a local charity to reduce waste and give back to our community
  • Free or flat-rate shipping Canada-wide
  •  No duties charged to Canadian buyers
  •  60-night Sleep-On-It return policy

We’re super happy with our white set of Flax Sleep linen sheets and feel like we’re sleeping on a cloud every night. What do you think of sleeping on linen sheets?

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Randa_Salloum_Flax_Sleep_ReviewRanda_Salloum_Flax_Sleep_Review  Randa_Salloum_Flax_Sleep_ReviewRanda_Salloum_Flax_Sleep_ReviewRanda_Salloum_Flax_Sleep_Review  Randa_Salloum_Flax_Sleep_Review


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