How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep Part I: Endy Mattress Review


With 3 cats, or what may as well be 3 toddlers, lots of light streaming in from our window and an older mattress and pillow set… you could say we don’t get the best night’s sleep. In fact, we’ve been waking up throughout the night with troubles of going back to sleep and I wake up with neck and shoulder pains. It’s really not ideal when you have a long day of work ahead of you that includes meetings, fitness classes and just being “on”. So, we decided it was time to fix the issues and focus on how to get a good night’s sleep. Aside from small sleep tips like bringing in a Snake Plant and using Saje Sleep Mist & diffusing oils we knew we had to start with the big cushy problem, the mattress & pillows.

Enter, Endy! We have just began sleeping on the what our friends dubbed “the best mattress ever” and so far, we can’t say otherwise. Our previous mattress was on the harder side and the pillows may as well have been a bag of rolled up socks.  I had no protection or structure under my neck or shoulders and my lower back was not being supported. We chose the Canadian made mattress for it’s 3 layers:

1. Top Layer: Endy Comfort Foam

Engineered for optimal comfort and temperature performance, through all four Canadian seasons.

2. Middle Layer: Transition Foam

Allows a gradual transfer of energy from the comfort- focused top layer to the high density support core.

3. Base Layer: Support Foam

Our high-density base foam keeps your body properly supported in the correct posture for rest.

This mattress forms to our bodies and supports the natural shape of our legs, spine and top body. I felt like I was being hugged by my mattress! I believe Alex’s words were “I feel like I’m in a hotel.” I woke up the first morning with zero pain in the areas that I woke up with every morning and felt very relaxed. A great feature of the Endy mattress is the weight distribution. I can roll around or better yet, our cats can jump on the bed and we won’t feel it!

Aside from sleeping on a cloud, your pillows make a huge impact on how to get a good nights sleep. The Endy pillow is equipped with an adjustable height for a customized feel and is filled with bamboo charcoal memory foam. This is a core of high-density shredded memory foam for support and comfort.

Some bonus features that I think making buying this mattress super easy: 

100 Night Trial & Free Returns

Try Endy in your home for a 100 night trial. If you don’t absolutely love it, we come pick it up from you and give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Free Shipping from Coast to Coast

We ship promptly to all 10 Canadian provinces by compressing and rolling the mattress into a box. Extra shipping charges may apply for the territories.

We are so pleased with our switch to Endy and honestly can’t believe we waited this long to make an improvement on our nightly sleep. If you’re looking to purchase your own Endy mattress you can get $50.00 off with code RANDA50 at checkout!

I’m going to share my second tip on how to get a good night’s sleep later this week, so stay tuned for that an my 100-night review of my Endy mattress.



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