How To Find Your Passion


During my 10 years in marketing and blogging I’ve been faced with many questions. Answers, I have many. But one question has continued to have me pause in regards to how to find your passion. This is a question that I’ve personally struggled with because I don’t know if I entirely have the answer to it. Passion is a journey that will be different for everyone and I’m learning that there is no clear-cut way to getting to what your passion is. Is passion something you even find? I posed the question to my dear friend Daniel Roddy and his answer was unexpected and was one that left me feeling content and no longer questioning how to find your passion because we may be searching for something that has been there all along.

Passion is a word often misused, a misdirected notion. An idealized concept to guide, encourage, and perhaps mislead the drifters; for it is mostly the drifters who still actively pursue. Through the discouragement from without, the self-doubt from within, and the overwhelming, gnawing potential.. probable failure, some of us prevail. People strive to find direction, we think we have some control over an ultimate destination.


Passion is nothing without self-awareness, it can’t exist without knowledge of being- definitively exists only through suffering. Again, a misused word.. passion.

Maybe the loose interpretation works for our majority, but most of us settle for a small part of what we ultimately loved.. stop short, whether an inch or a mile… a written word or practiced smile, from that which we once dreamt we might become. Life, practicality, realism has a way of humbling even the most ambitious. fators the most impractical of dreamers couldn’t have dreamt, numb imaginations, and dull the brightest of ambitions. Life stifles that which we thought possible, stymies those moments we have daydreaming with ourselves about what could have been.. what should have?

But still, us dreamers dream. We, in our passive voice, challenge what we’re told and hold out for more; suffer for that self belief. Sit on balconies and watch trees sway, look at those that we love with hope. We hug our mothers and fly home for dead friends. Passion is not a pursuit of finality, but an approach at life. It doesn’t end, and is never stagnant. It is that which eats at you, viscerally, and doesn’t let you sleep. Acknowledge, wake up and make a note of this, these; for them are the things for which we exist.

Ignoring passion, is accepting idle.

I’ll step off my soapbox now as a humble human.

But as I take a seat and reflect on how I may have imposed, please accept that I did so out of passion.


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