How To Dress For Fall Weather in Vancouver


I sway back and forth between summer and fall as my favourite season for fashion. While I enjoy the summer fashion styles because they’re so effortless, there is nothing like a chic fall outfit, and I’m sure many of you would agree! Of course, I like to imagine that I live in New York or Paris when I’m getting dressed but the truth is, I live in Vancouver and the fall weather doesn’t always lend in our favour. Fall in Vancouver can be a total hit or miss. Case in point we’re currently expecting El Nino which will leave us with a warm and dry fall – fingers crossed! But with that said, Vancouver is known for its rain and with the bi-polar weather reports, we need to check every box when getting dressed for fall. For example…

  • What’s the weather in the morning? Usually cold!
  • What’s the weather in the afternoon? Warms right up.
  • What’s the weather in the evening? I can’t tell… dammit… it’s cold again!
  • Do I need to be dressed for anything special? I usually have meetings and then industry events later in the day.
  • Will I be coming home in-between events? If not, my outfit needs to be durable for errands, appropriate for meetings but fun for events! Sometimes I don’t have time to head home so I need a fast and convenient way to purchase items.

Every Vancouverite knows that when getting dressed for fall, layers are our best friend. In the morning, we pile on the layers and as the day goes on, we start to peel away at them. It’s easy to feel a little lost, so here are my tips for dressing for Vancouver’s fall season:

  1. Always start with the basics – A lightweight t-shirt or long sleeve (blouse, turtleneck, etc.) will do just the trick.
  2. Add your mid layer – Think a medium-weight cardigan or sweater that can leave you feeling cold without a jacket, but when the sun hits it’s all you need. Also, a key staple for those who work in an office building where the AC runs year-round!
  3. Layer on the thick jacket – Personally, I prefer to wear a jacket that can leave me with some wiggle room so I don’t feel like I’m suffocating in layers. This will be the final wrap up to your layers so make sure it’s something that can seal in the heat.
  4. Don’t forget accessories – Scarves, beanies and gloves, but my favourite? Socks. Most of the pants I wear show off my ankles and in the summer that’s okay but in the fall, not so much! Wearing fun, unique socks can leave your outfit looking fashion-forward and will do double-duty by keeping your ankles warm and dry.
  5. The shoe matters – If you want to wear heels to the office, take them with you but opt-in for wearing something more durable for the commute there. In Vancouver, it’s hard to wear suede or untreated leather because the weather can ruin them pretty quick. I like to wear something comfortable, fashionable and tough enough for the rain. These Franco Sarto ones are much more fashionable than my Aigle rainboots!

With all of these elements at play, having a quick and safe way to shop for all of them while I’m on-the-go is a must! I use my Mastercard for almost every purchase I make, and no matter where I need to shop for an item – whether it’s in-store or online – Mastercard is my go-to form of payment. So, it makes sense that it was part of deciding on this week’s outfit.

I’ve paired my KOTN turtleneck with a Value Village coat but needed something warm in-between. I hopped on the UNIQLO app for a long and medium-weight cardigan and these cotton socks that would look great under this specific coat, and because my Mastercard payment information was already uploaded to my UNIQLO account, I checked out in record time. Since I was going to be layered, I wanted to add a special detail and went for these Sandro navy high-waist trousers, a peek of yellow with the UNIQLO socks, and an uber-durable Franco Sarto pair of shoes that I purchased in-the-moment over the week.

Vancouver weather may be touch-and-go, but it’s worth it, so I hope these super simple tips help you dress for fall! How do you layer up in the fall? Let me know in the comment section!

This post is sponsored by Mastercard Canada, but all opinions are my own.

Randa_Salloum_Ally_Matos_Photography-00813Randa_Salloum_Ally_Matos_Photography-00813  Randa_Salloum_Ally_Matos_Photography-00813

Photos by Ally Matos



  1. November 29, 2018 / 12:32 PM

    KOTN is one of my favourite brands for basics.

    • RandaS
      November 29, 2018 / 7:27 PM

      Me too! What are your go-to pieces?

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