How To Choose Glasses For Your Face Shape

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I think one of my favourite accessories is glasses. It can make an outfit look completely different and is a great way to elevate your look. Sunglasses aside, regular glasses come in just as many fun styles. I wear reading glasses myself and have since I was out of highs school but because styles always change and finding a new set of glasses can be a bit of a pain, I don’t always change up the style as often as I should. Choosing the right glasses for your face shape can be a tricky process especially when purchasing your glasses online. I’m drawn to lots of different styles, but they may not be the right style for my face shape. The size can make all of the difference and it’s worth inquiring if the brand makes the same style in two sizes. There are some tricks and tips to choosing the correct glasses style and it all starts with discovering the shape of your face.


Oval – Face tapers towards chin, wide forehead, prominent cheekbones
Long – Face tapers towards chin, elongated from forehead to chin, prominent chin
Round – Face width and length almost the same, widest at the cheeks
Square – Forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost the same, square and a more chiseled jawline
Heart – Face tapers towards chin, pointy chin, forehead may be prominent
Diamond – Angular face, widest at temples



Oval – Wayfarer, Aviator, Rectangle, Square, Round, Browline, Cat Eye and Oversized (this shape can wear almost every style!)
Long – Oval, Aviator and Round
Round – Wayfarer, Cat Eye, Square, Rectangle, Aviator and Wrap
Square – Wayfarer, Browline, Round, Aviator, Wrap and Sheild
Heart Rectangle, Wayfarer, Cat Eye, Geometric and Sport
Diamond – Aviator, Square, Wayfarer, Round, Geometric and Wrap


Sometimes, you’ll find a pair of glasses that you absolutely love but they don’t match up with your appointed face shape. That’s okay! I would suggest only using the above information as a guide but not the final answer. I, myself, am between face shapes. I would say I’m a heart shape but have aspects of my face that is longer and a little oval. But, I also have a super tiny face so cat eye and wrap around just do not work for me.

I wanted to choose a pair of glasses that was more fashion forward and a little different than my usual choice. I found a stellar pair of glasses by Perspective at Clearly that fit my criteria of being fashion forward, different than what I’m used to, round and small enough to fit my face. I also have to take into consideration the features of my face that could hinder my style choice. A dark or thick frame can play a focus on the bridge of my nose, showcasing the roundness of the tip but a thin, lighter colour or frame less pair can accentuate my face as a whole.


Last but not least, get a prescription from your Optometrist! The glasses may look great but you want them to be effective.

I found another pair of glasses that have a more vintage flare to them, check them out HERE! You can also get 2 pairs of glasses for yourself or maybe get an early start on your holiday shopping! Clearly is having some major sales this month for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Save this post on your browser to use as a guide when shopping online. I hope you find a style that you love!

Lykke Wolf pant | Selfhood quilted coat
Minimum dana beanie | LOQ Lazaro booties | Perspective Apollo glasses via Clearly

All clothing and accessories (minus the glasses) from Still Life in Vancouver. 

Fashion photography by Michelle Proctor.


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