Tips On How To Buy Denim Jeans

Trying on jeans has to be one of the most grueling shopping trips, am I right? No other type of shopping is more of a roller coaster than finding a pair of jeans. How do you buy denim jeans? You enter the store knowing the style of denim you want to leave with. At this point you feel like a warrior who is about to conquer the denim world, I would say you’re extremely hopeful. You gather multiple styles thinking “These are going to look killer on me!”… “I’m pretty sure Jennifer Aniston has these exact pairs, I saw it in Hello! Magazine”. At this point you may actually feel like you could be Jennifer Aniston.

You try on your first pair and you can only fit one leg in. I guess you aren’t a size 26 anymore? You’re gonna need these in a 27. Now you’re feeling a little worried but it’s okay because it’s just a minor set back. You ask the associate for all of the pairs in one size up.

The associate only has 3 of the 6 styles in your size, so you’ll have to make do with only half of the styles. Now you’re a little sad. You try on one pair and it’s baggy in the back but tight in the thighs. These won’t do! It’s not your fault, it’s the jeans. They don’t fit YOUR body.

You try on the next pair and they’re baggy in the knees. The next ones sort of open in the zipper area. The ones that fit you perfectly are $100 over budget. At this point you’re a little peeved. You need to ensure you have a full stomach but not too full because you can’t be bloated but you don’t want to be hangry.

You leave the fitting room disheveled and sweaty. Weren’t you wearing makeup? You better touch yourself up before your leave! You should really grab a bite to eat but first you’ll leave the jeans that fit on hold… and you most likely won’t go back for them.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just have someone style you in a curated set of jeans, in your size, while handing you a glass of champagne? If only someone could put the fun back into denim shopping… Well, dreams do come true!!! Dutil Denim is the number one denim gallery in all of Vancouver and they want to help you find a pair of jeans with your own denim party!

Dutil Denim wants to carve out an extra hour in the day for the superwomen who come in and out of their doors. They feel that we race through our daily routines and taking the time to appreciate our minds, bodies and relationships often takes the backseat. Dutil is offering women a champagne hour once a week – this is a complimentary group denim fitting session.

All 25th Hour Appointments Include:

  • Refreshments
  • Customized fit assessments for up to 3 guests
  • One-on-one consultation and personal styling with our in-store experts
  • First to know about the brand’s exclusive deals and events

Appointments are on Wednesdays from 7PM to 8PM. Register HERE for your 25th hour appointment.

Scroll down to read my tips for buying jeans. 

photo via Dutil.

I recently had the pleasure of holding my very own 25th hour appointment with Sabrina, Teri and Sharday. After trying on literally every pair of black skinny jeans, I left with my beloved pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans that I’m wearing in today’s outfit photos. Now, Alex and I have a matching pair of jeans. He hates it but secretly loves it.

Tips for buying jeans in-store:

  1. Shop alone or with a friend – Personally, this time is for me to spend as many hours as I need to find the perfect pair. Shopping alone can keep me focused on the task at hand. If I really need a second opinion, I’ll take a friend!
  2. Source styles – Find a selection of images with styles of denim you like. Take these with you to the store.
  3. Find a store that has a large selection – The more options you can try on, the better!
  4. As for assistance from an associate – If you visit the right store, the staff should be well versed in the brands of denim. I prefer to shop for my denim at Dutil because they’re experts in their field.
  5. Ask ALL of the questions – How should these fit? Will they stretch? Will they shrink? Will they bag in the bum?
  6. Try, try, try! – Be prepared to spend time and try on as many as you can.
  7. Test them – Sit, squat, walk around.
  8. Bring the right shoes – I like to bring the shoes that I’ll wear the most with them to see what they’ll look like.
  9. Raise the budget – From my experience, when you spend a little more on jeans you receive better quality. The denim that I’ve spent more than $150 on have lasted me years and haven’t lost their colour or fit.
  10. Tailor them – If they’re too long, get them hemmed.
  11. Assess the wardrobe – Do they fit with your current wardrobe?

Tips for buying jeans online:

  1. Find a site that has a large selection – The more options you can see, the better!
  2. Read the size chart – If you aren’t sure about your size, look to the size chart for measurements.
  3. Source images – Look for images online of the denim. I like to see the denim on different body types to know how they’ll fit.
  4. Read the return policy – I personally wouldn’t purchase them if I couldn’t return them.
  5. Read the reviews – Read what others are saying about the jeans.
  6. Try them on – If you’ve found your style online for a cheaper price, or a style that isn’t in stores, find the brand in a store a try on to discover your size.

Watch the below video with Chrystal MacLeod of Harlow Skin Co. on what beauty means to her while she shops during her 25th hour appointment at Dutil Denim.

Aritzia camel coat (similar) | 525 America sweater ON SALE| 7 For All Mankind jeans via Dutil
Forever 21 beret (similar) | Saint Lauren Kate Chain bag | Le Chateau gloves (similar) | Kyle + Kendall heels ON SALE | All Saints fishnet socks (similar)

Photography by Vancouver photographer Street Scout Me.


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