Welcome to my home – AGAIN!

I have been busting to share these photos with everyone! Last February I teamed up for the second time with Tracey Ayton to bring you my latest home tour! The decor of my condo has come a very long way. You can see that since the first look, I’ve gone seriously minimal and have removed all of the colour. It’s been a big transition year for myself and my home was definitely not off limits to the change – in fact, it was one of the first things to transform.

Besides the black/white/grey overhaul and removal of a lot of pieces I stuck to making this my home, on my own, by using a few DIY tricks! I’ll let you scroll below to see the images but here is a list of items that I made or transformed on my own:

1. White table – Is really the Ikea cube shelf – without the cubes. I’ve looked far and wide for a simple white table just like this one and it was in my home the whole time!
2. Coffee table – 4 cinder-blocks and a sheet of glass later I have the table that I’ve been dreaming of. Shout out to my brother for helping with this one :)
3. White faux fur rug – 4 Ikea rugs layed together and taped to the ground. I really wanted a large faux fur rug without the high price tag. This one was uber affordable and since I’m always changing up the little items, I won’t feel wrong getting rid of it!
4. 3 Large framed images – The large images above my couch are actually just black and white wrapping paper. I created a super minimal design with the two colours and I’m very happy with the outcome!
5. Quote Image – The large image above my bed was very easy to create. Custom framing for large prints can take you into the $1000 range and there was no way I was about to spend that. I purchased THIS image from Ikea, spray painted the frame piece and with the help of double sided tape I layed my print flat down.
6. Framed prints – All of my quote prints, liquor bottles and piece sign hand prints are custom made by myself. You can see more at www.iseenoise.com.

Thank you to Home On The Runway for featuring my home for the second time! Click HERE to see more photos and a view of what the before and after looks like. If you have any questions on where I collected my items – you can email me at randasall@gmail.com.

Photos by Tracey Ayton & Makeup By Neetu Sahota.


Couch – Sofaworks (custom) | Leather pillows – Homesense | Cloth pillows – Ikea | Blanket – Homesense | Rug – DIY Ikea | Table – DIY | Framed prints – DIY | Plants – Old Faithful shop | Pots – Ikea | Lamp – Ikea | Candle – Woodlot 



Pouf – Homesense | Shelf – DIY Ikea | Framed prints – I See Noise & DIY


Plants – Old Faithful Shop | Pots – Ikea | Books – Chapters | Stag – Homesense | Skull – The Cross Decor & Design




Basket – Antique | Blanket | Ikea




Table – DIY Ikea | Stool – The Cross Decor & Design | Books – Chapters | Plant & Pot – Ikea | Framed print – Artist in Australia






Framed print – Maeva Revellin | Towels – Ikea | Soap – Aesop


Lipstick stands – Homesense


Bed Linens – Ikea | Side Table – L’Atellier Home | Plant – Home Depot | Pot – Ikea | Lamp – Lofty Living | Candle – Woodlot | Aromatherapy – Vitruvi |

Framed Print – DIY




Mirror – Homesense | Stag – Lofty Living | Framed Print – I See Noise Prints | Throw – Ikea



Table – Ikea | Shelf – Ikea | Lamp – Ikea | Baskets – Antique | Stool – Industrial Revolution



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