That Freeing Feeling

During a scenic drive around Vancouver, Alex leans his elbow onto the arm rest between us and softly exclaims “there is a part of you that I didn’t know was missing and it’s comes out when you drive”. I threw him a little smirk. Get me behind a wheel and all of my problems disappear, the road becomes my playground and I have no boundaries while the Sirius Radio station “Chill” becomes the soundtrack to my day. I feel absolutely free when I drive.

My day to day bounds me to the confined routes of the number 14 and 16 Translink BC buses. The destination is never on my time and let’s be real, Vancouver transit is never a reliable option. However, the pros of the situation are that it’s a cheaper option and I don’t have to worry about what to do when I get to my destination except hop off and go. Having a car is just an elevated transportation experience. I get to be comfy and bring all of the items I need for the day but I get to go wherever I want and on any route I want.

I could drive all day which only leads me to believe that I would most likely make me the best Uber driver in town. I was chained to my car growing up in the suburbs.  You needed a car to get anywhere you were heading and grabbing milk became a 20 minute excursion but now that I’m living downtown within walking distance of my go-to spots it allows me to appreciate driving a car.

You’ve seen me post about the Ford Edge before. It was practically a love letter to it’s features and when I had the chance to swoop it up again it was like being reconnected with a long-lost love. You can read all about it HERE and scroll down to read about my favourite features that I experienced this time around.

Driving the Sky To Sky Highway on a beautiful sunny day is as freeing as you can feel during a drive. When you’re going about 90 KM/H and your windows are open, you can imagine the swaying of the vehicle as the windows act as a wind tunnel. The available Panoramic Vista Roof® features a large forward panel that tilts up or opens fully, plus a fixed rear skylight. There are 2 features of the Ford Edge that made this a confident drive:

  • Available intelligent AWD uses sensors to constantly monitor traction to assist you through all types of weather and various road conditions. It balances torque between the front and rear wheels to enhance handling and maximize traction, typically before wheelslip can even occur.
  • Adaptive steering dynamically adjusts the steering response of the front wheels based on how fast the vehicle is moving for enhanced control and handling. At lower speeds, such as pulling into a parking spot or maneuvering into tight spaces, steering response is more sensitive, requiring fewer turns of the steering wheel. At highway speeds, the system further optimizes steering response, enabling the vehicle to react more smoothly and precisely to driver input.

The Ford Edge Titanium starts at $37,999. Read more about it HERE.

Photography by Vancouver Photographer Reece Voyer.


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