Fake It Till You Make It

I’ve received a bit of response from my previous post on how I started in the marketing industry. Mainly around how I was able to say yes to jobs without having a traditional background or training and simply using my everyday knowledge and skill set. To answer your questions as a whole: fake it till you make it.

The best piece of advise that my Public Relations instructor gave me was “if someone asks you if you know how to do something, say yes and figure it out later. Everything can be learned.” When I first heard those words my initial reaction was that they’re going to know that I was lying and will figure me out! But, then I remembered what my mother taught me and if I say it with conviction then who are they to tell me I’m wrong? I won’t have to produce it right in front of them immediately so that gave me time to research and perfect my newly gained skill.

I’m also a really big into manifestation. I discovered how to manifest when I was in my 20’s and whenever I wanted something strongly, I couldn’t help but imagine my life already having it or doing it. The repetition of these thoughts seemed to have brought it to my life. For anyone who has ever been curious about manifestation, I suggest you look into it because it’s a powerful ability that can change the scope of your life. I’ve heard stories about people who manifest the craziest lives for themselves and other stories similar to mine, where I manifest it into my life but it isn’t on such a grand scale, but it’s in my life in some capacity.

In my opinion, faking it till you make it is a form of manifestation. I told people I was a stylist, personal shopper, artist, marketer, etc. and I became one. If you legitimately don’t have any of the skills and have no idea how to do the job then sure, there’s a chance you’re cheating people but just ensure that you’ve providing a service that is worth higher quality. The moment someone uses your service or product, pays you a rate and provides you with a review or comment on how great of a job you did, then run with that! You have officially set your standard.

Now, go forth and fake it! Say yes now and learn it all after. You’ll be surprised with how much you already know.

Club Monaco Philli tank | Chelsea28 pleated velvet skirt
Zara shoes | Mejuri evil eye ring | Foe & Dear gem ring | Mejuri twist ring in solid yellow gold | Clearly Main + Central TUESDAY sunglasses | Kara Yoo cuff bangle

Photography by Vancouver Photographer Reece Voyer.


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  1. nancy salloum
    August 11, 2017 / 10:39 PM

    Love it. You are right. Although everything you experienced and accomplished is too real to the point to ask how did you know all this. It is not just fake it till you make it. It is your destiny which you were born with greatest gift of all. Your are so focus and go for the substance to reach your perfect goal. I can not say you are perfectionist but definitely you are magnificent soul.

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