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The magic continues in this segment of “Randa’s Love Life (Or Lack Thereof)”. Recapping on last week’s date … well actually there’s nothing to recap we all know that one was a flop, or what I like to call a “life experience” – with free dessert. With all of that said, I am no longer dating.

Just joking! Ha! Who are we kidding here?

The Tall & Bearded Westender

Last week I had the pleasure of going on not one but two dates with a lovely fella that I have been speaking to for a couple of weeks now. It all started on Tinder where I swiped yes to a what seemed tall (actually 6’4) bearded stranger, who may I also add…has a top knot. YES, that’s right.. a beard AND a bun *drool*… I’m all for that. We started to chat and I haven’t had a funnier conversation with a legit stranger than I have with this guy. Our conversations are some of the most random I’ve had and include more GIFS than are appropriate but they sure are entertaining. After almost 1 week of talking pretty much all day, every day he suggested that we get together.

I was a little taken a back from his request. We had been talking for X amount of time, quite a lot in one day and already pretty comfortable with each other that I had flat out forgot we haven’t met yet.

Here’s the deal, this guy has a schedule just as jam packed as mine – if not more. Getting together was a little on the “lemme pencil you in” side and we tentatively scheduled a meet up for the Sunday. About a day later he had let me know he would be in the area and we promptly made a plan to grab a coffee on my break from the office.

I recognized him immediately and was pretty stoked! What seemed like a 15 minute conversation was in actuality 1 hour and we both spent it laughing. He came up to the office to snap some photos for a client and since my office neighbor was our mutual friend he popped in for a visit. I had a great time overall.

Fast track to Sunday and since we had still tentatively scheduled something we figured we may as well hang out again if we’re free. We met at Jinya for a quick bite then to a Belgium waffle cafe for coffee and tea. He’s really easy to be around and since we have the same type of humor I don’t have to explain or filter my jokes or choice of words. He just gets it.

He walked me home and headed his way. Both times we’ve gotten together he hasn’t made any moves which is great because I’m not ready to be in that situation. We’re just hanging out and getting to know one another.

To be honest… it’s a little hard for me to get close to anyone because the Snowboarder is constantly on my mind. 11 more days until I see him and I’ll see how I feel.

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Photos by Leonie.

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