Dont walk, run.

Happy New Year!

See, I told you I’d be back with more posts… you didn’t think I’d leave you guys hanging did you? I’m pumped to get 2013 on the go and turn my thoughts into things. I don’t make resolutions on new years because well, frankly, I break them a week in. Ha!

I am however going to start the year off in a refreshing way. After I finish writing this I’m going to put on my workout gear and instead of going to the gym (because it will be packed with everyone who will resolute “to be healthy this year!”) I’m going to run over the Granville Street bridge and take in the beautiful scenery.


You might notice my outfit is a little different in today’s post. In the past couple of months I’ve gone through my closet and continue to remove item after item. After the summer season ended something hit me, and my style started to change. My clothes got a big darker, my heels a bit lower, I accessorize less and I seem to have less floral and bright items in my wardrobe… and dare I say… *face palm* even the sequin is starting to diminish! Ugghhh, not the sequin! Whatever, they’re just clothes.

…Today’s outfit was inspired by the vintage mens plaid Ralph Lauren shirt that I received from Shoppalu and my new Jacqueline Conoir jacket. I like the billowy shape they both have but knew that would remove my own small frame. To keep my waist and shape from getting lost I made sure to pair the outfit with a tee that is fitted around the waist and with a skinny jean so it all comes together.

Have you noticed that your style is starting to change these days as well?


Club Monaco tee & denim | Mens Ralph Lauren shirt c/o Shoppalu | Jacqueline Conoir jacket | Aldo boots | Topshop tuque | Matt & Nat ring





Photos taken by Leonie.


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