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Last week, we discussed the basis of creating a multi-functional wardrobe for work and weekend. The basis all begins with how to shop properly! I hope some of you used my shopping tips during the Black Friday weekend and landed some major deals that you’re happy about.

Today, we’re going to dive into how I’ve taken those shopping tips and used them to purchase some staples for the office that I will then show you how I used for the weekend.

When it comes to deciding what your work wardrobe will be,  you need to ask yourself the following:

  1. What is my style? My style is menswear inspired, easy and minimal. I like items to be a little bit loose but with structure.
  2. Where do I work?
    Your office environment can range from formal to creative and in turn, so do your outfits. My office environment is more on the formal side but since we work for a shopping district, having a sense of fashion is key.
  3. How am I expected to dress? Do you need to be covered up? Heels over flats? etc.
  4. What do I need outfits for? I like to have a range of outfits that I can wear during an average day and outfits I can wear during board meetings.
  5. Do I own anything to pair with it? For myself, the worst is when I purchase a complete outfit but nothing else I own goes with it. I’m then forced to purchase more items.

Everyone has their struggle with shopping for a work wardrobe. Sometimes you can never find a top that fits or your hips are just super unforgiving. The list can go on!

My trouble areas are:


Since I’ve been working on muscle gain, my arms are a little bigger than my old wardrobe would like. I need to find tops that have enough space in the shoulder area but aren’t too loose that I lose my waist.


Did you ever stop to realise that maybe a style of pant is just not for you? It’s been hard for me to grasp but after trying on the 100th pant, I’ve come to realise. I just cannot wear a traditional pair of trousers. As much as I love the look (see here, here and here for my fav styles) they just do not fit my body type. Because of my future child-bearing hips, a rounded bottom and muscular thighs, I can’t pull off a trouser pant. Thankfully, my alternative is on trend and about the same price range. A stiff trouser pulls at my hips, is tight in the thigh and a bit too loose in my bottom leg area so I’m a better fit for a baggier or cupro style pant (see here and here for fave styles). It’s a lighter weight pant that falls easier on my hips and can look just as formal as a traditional trouser.



I’ve decided to go with a top that has a little more stretch to it. I snagged these Banana Republic Cashmere-Blend sweaters during their Black Friday sale. This makes for maximum comfort in my shoulders and arms and because it doesn’t have any bells and whistles, I can pair it with almost everything.

I also purchased a black cardigan. This is a great option for covering up when I want to wear a tank top.


I purchased these pants from Oak + Fort when I started to heavily workout about 6 months ago. I had gained more weight back then (see my previous post) and about 1 month after buying new pants, I lost it all! These are the lighter weight style pant that hang nicely on a body shape like mine. Another plus, because these pants aren’t a traditional trouser I can get away with wearing them with my Adidas and they can look casual.


I purchased a couple of neck scarves to rotate throughout the week. This helps take my outfit to a trendier level and helps me feel a little more dressy for the office.

Items to cross off your office-wear list:

  • Blouse – A button up blouse is a key item to wear to the office. I prefer a baggier fit blouse instead of the tight ones. (Click for Inspiration)
  • Sweater – I suggest a sweater like the one I’m wearing today, in black, navy and grey. (Click for Inspiration)
  • Cardigan – These are just always great to have! They come in different lengths and I suggest starting with black. (Click for Inspiration)
  • Pants – A pair of trousers in two colours can be rotated all week. Start with black and grey. (Click for Inspiration)
  • Denim – If you’re able to wear denim to the office I suggest a darker blue or black. (Click for Inspiration)
  • Coats – A black peacoat should be in your closet, hands down! If you only buy one, buy that one. (Click for Inspiration)
  • Flat shoes – Ballet flats and loafers give a streamlined and put together look when you don’t want to wear heels. (Click for Inspiration)
  • Heeled shoes – If you don’t want to wear boots every day of the season, look for a closed toe, kitten heel. (Click for Inspiration)

So, what do you think? Next week, I’ll show you how I’ve managed to “work” my office attire into my weekend attire.

Randa Salloum Vancouver Fashion Blogger Minimal Office Outfit 1

Randa Salloum Vancouver Fashion Blogger Minimal Office Outfit 5

Randa Salloum Vancouver Fashion Blogger Minimal Office Outfit 3

Randa Salloum Vancouver Fashion Blogger Minimal Office Outfit 6


Banana Republic sweater, Oak & Fort pants
Perfect Match neck scarf, Saint Laurent Kate bag, Le Chateau boots

Photos by Street Scout Me. 


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