Closet Makeover: Best friend edition

How many of you clean out your closets on a regular basis? Do you have items from the 80’s and 90’s and clothes you bought 2 years ago with the tags still attached?! I for one, clean it every month to every second month. I can tell you exactly what I have, in order of color and style and there is nothing with the tags still attached!

My bestie Lyndsey asked me to clean out her closet for her and what I thought I was in for wasn’t even close. Lyndsey is an avid shopper, you would think she does it for a living and she is the best eBay expert I know. By far, she own(ed) the most clothing I have ever seen in one closet. We found the best gems in her closet too – an Eco Red tube top, a furry pink Kangol hat and a Spice Girls lollipop tin can! It was a long 4 hour process but we did it…

To start, we set up 3 bags to keep organized: 1)Donate / Throw away 2)Sell 3)Alter / Dryclean



Everything was organized perfectly for her to put together a fall outfit! All items were easily accessible and there was still tons of space for her to add as many more items as she likes (shopping trip!) also, if you decide to re-do your friend’s closet…be prepared for some screaming matches over “their favorite top!”.

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