Closet Confessions: Viranlly Liemena of The Social Life

One thing is for sure, if you’ve never met Viranlly Liemena then you have definitely spotted him. He’s a hard one to miss in his suit ensembles as he roams around Vancouver going from home to work to one fabulous party after another. Vancouver is a funny city when it comes to menswear. There really isn’t many options for mens style in this city and I know many would agree with me. Viranlly is a refresher amongst all of the jeans, plaid and The North Face jackets.

I remember the first time I saw Viranlly. I said to myself ” WHO, is that!?” My friend who was with me at the time whispers over to me *just like when the new Emily whispers to Miranda at the gala* “that’s Viranlly… he’s a photographer for The Social Life… great style right?” Uhm, yes. I met Viranlly at a J.Crew event last summer and immediately hit it off and asked if him and his style would proudly be shown on Closet Confessions. Thrilled when he said yes.

A little rundown on this fashionisto – He takes amazing photographs that gives Tommy Ton a run for his money, his style speaks for itself, he’s an extremely talented fashion illustrator, coffee runs through his veins and you’ll most likely catch him at Revolver in Gastown and finally… the man has got a voice on him! Check out his Instagram videos for his most recent singing moments.

Now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for his… yes… THE CLOSET. Enjoy!


“I must say when it comes to filling up my closet, i very much enjoy mixing business with (a lot of) pleasure. I mean y’know.. mixing the basic and practical white oxford shirt with loud printed jackets and maybe some spikes on my loafers”


“I am one of those guys who wear colors, a lot of them. From the subtle-st tone charcoal and navy to the loudest hue of fuchsia and yellow, i will find a way to pull them off. I don’t however, wear too much black.”



“I am (a little) obsessed with crisp, white shirt. It has the highest level of versatility for a guy’s wardrobe. Whether you want  wear them with a leather jacket or underneath your gray three piece suit with a matching tie, a white dress shirt is NEVER the wrong option. And you can’t have too many of them. I am a big supporter of white shirt + blue jeans. It’s very timeless and effortless. Top it off with a sportcoat and a tie when you’re feeling a little fancy that day.”


“You know what they say, you build everything from the bottom, everything including your outfit. Nothing is more heartbreaking than looking at a guy pairing his nicely tailored suit with the wrong pair of shoes.”



“There’s something about wearing a tie to your outfit. Really, it makes you feel a lot better, and definitely makes you look better. It gives you that extra confidence you need, just like a pair of sexy heels.”


“I am so glad that i have the luxury (and guts, apparently) to go back and forth between that eccentric, pattern-stacking, color block-addict kid and that black-and-white, classy lady. I mean, gentleman.”

“Tailored clothing has been a big part of my style evolution. Let’s be honest, we all go through those phases discovering our own personal style till we found “the one”. For now, (and hopefully ever) I have decide to dress like the Italians.”



“Not. Enough. Shoes.”

All photos by Clemmie Cao.


To follow Viranlly on his style adventure you can follow him on Twitter  & Instagram or at @Viranlly – to see his photography you can check out his official Tumblr site HERE or follow The Social Life via Twitter, Instgram or at @The_Social_Life and Facebook.

A huuuuge thank you to one of the new Closet Confessions photographers, Clemmie Cao! Clemmie is one talented photographer and I’m so hyped to have him on board. You can see his most recent work HERE or follow him on Facebook & Instagram or at @ClemmieCaoPhoto.

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