Closet Confessions: Jessica Karalash of Kurate Style

Lemme introduce to you Jessica Karalash. Fashion Guru, Style Blogger, Personal Stylist and Founder of Kurate Style – luxury personal styling, online. Jessica founded Kurate Style in 2013 and has styled men and women all across North America and Europe. As of recent, Jessica has been titled as one of Vanity Fair’s Editors Picks and User’s Choice Nominee. To vote for Jessica’s looks click HERE.

I first met Jessica almost 1 year ago over tea at a local coffee shop. Although never meeting in person until then, Jessica and I have kept in contact via social media. Being fans of each others work – we immediately took to one another.

Her style – anything and everything far from subtle. You’re sure to see Jessica at events or possibly just running around town in patterns, prints and sequin. Pants are a no-go in her wardrobe and for myself (who has too many pairs of jeans to mention) I commend her!

Let’s dive right into Jessica’s closet and take a look at her lack of pants wardrobe. A big thank you to Jessica for having myself and photographer MajaImages into her home to rummage through her fashion treasures.

WARNING: this will be a feast for your eyes.

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“When choosing my outfits, I always ask myself a few key questions: Where am I going, who is it with, how am I getting there and what is the weather like? And how am I feeling – this is a big one. Sometimes I am feeling powerful and sophisticated, and other times it’s free and vivacious.”

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“My obsession for the last few years now is rompers and jumpsuits – short, long, etc. – I love how simple they are, and how fun they are! I have several from BCBG, Free People, Forever21, Topshop and boutiques in Vancouver like Jennyfleur Loves, The Latest Scoop, and many others!”


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“My outwear and shoe closet is key for completing my look. My boyfriend is now used to waiting a couple of extra minutes while I pair my outfits with the right shoes and coats, if they aren’t already picked out. I’m a lucky lady.”

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“Right now my closet is transitioning from Spring to Summer, which means more brights and short dresses will rotate to the front of my closet. It’s always growing and changing and evolving – like me, and my style.”

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“The beautiful print on the top of my jewellery disply was one I received from my photographer for KurateStyle, and friend Jamie Mann. It’s a FENDI print, given out only at the Milan Fashion Week Runway Show, and sketched by Karl Lagerfeld for the Spring/Summer 2014. I absolutely adore it, and it happened to match my room perfectly with the coral-pink and teal tones.

I also recently organized my jewellery and it has made a huge difference. Matching and choosing pieces to outfits so much easier when it is all on display.”


Photo 1 – “I love color, prints and patterns and I have an organizational system for it. I arrange my closet to what is in season at the time – which is color-coordinated in the front area of the closet for easy access.”

Photo 2 – “I love keeping a stack of magazines for inspiration near my bed. Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Elle, GQ and decor magazines are some favorites, and are perfect muses.”

Photo 3 – “I love teal. It’s my go-to color in accessories and clothing. I always feel confident in it, no matter the season. It’s one that always goes with my skin tone and hair color and makes me feel alive. Knowing yourself and what makes you feel good can make a big difference when you are getting dressed for the day, and wanting to feel confident and empowered.”


Photo 1 – “Jeans and pants are few and far between in my closet – although I have a few that are favorites. I just love the feeling of wearing skirts and dresses, and the feeling it gives me. I do love jeans, but it’s really important for me to find the right fit. There are brands that work with my body shape and that I love to wear, and I tend to stick with those. A good pair of jeans can go a long way.”

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“I have a work space in my home that I love. Another Pinterest-style board and my calendar keep me organized and inspired (with teal accents). I love looking ahead at what the month and week has to bring – meetings, proposals, travel, etc. I also love my Mac Book Pro. It’s perfect for traveling, and I love the design and screen.”


Photo 1 –“always have my moleskin with me. It’s great to take “time-outs” from my computer and just write down all of my ideas and to-do’s without distraction. My desk is actually a sit or standing desk, and can be adjusted for both. I love this, as I do not always want to be sitting at my desk, it’s so great to have the option, and I definitely use it!”

Photo 2 – “I have several pin boards up in my room (like real-life Pinterest), with one strategically set by my closet for outfit inspiration – this is where all my magazines come in handy! I post trends, editorials, prints, colors and outfits that I love, and always have inspiration right beside my closet! It’s also a great place to display some of my statement necklaces.”

Photo 3 – “I love this version of the crop-top, and the two-piece set. It is really fun, and the pieces can be easily mixed and matched, but also look chic together. I added the statement necklace for a pop – as I love color, and wanted to add a bit to it.”

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“I love the outdoors and exploring. If I am busy with work and do not have the time to hike, a quick break to the deck is all I need. It’s also perfect for early morning coffee. I love the view on the seawall and in the park and it always sets the day off right, or ends it perfectly.”

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“This BCBG gown is one of my favourite pieces. I love the the structure and flow that is has, and the balance of it. And the bright color of course! BCBG is one of my favorite brands. From beautiful fancy pieces, to the patterns and designs – this brand always has pieces that work well in to my wardrobe, but are also special.”


Photo 1 – “I’m a big fan of the cross-body bag. Because I travel a lot, and I am constantly walking, cross-body bags are perfect for day-time, and if they have the option to switch to clutch for the evening – that is an added bonus!”

Photo 2 – “Quiet moments and reflecting are a big part of my day-to-day. I have often find quiet time to meditate and give gratitude.  One big thing I learned about meditation, which also applies to yoga, is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. And finding a teacher or mentor that you are aligned with. You have to find the way that works for you, and serves you.”

All photos by MajaImages.


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