Closet Confessions: Jenny Therrien Vancouver Fashionista

Jenny Therrien and I go back to years on the selling floor at Club Monaco where we would hold the spots for top sales and gossip in our down time. I remember the day we both started and what we wore. With no idea on what our CM styles were just yet I wore classic CM dress pants and a basic sweater while Jenny wore her white pants and black blazer.

Her style always stuck out to me and she wore looks that I wanted to emulate. Her looks were eclectic and she could change it up for any occasion but always true to her personal style. She’s also a total hipster.

Now, far from the days at Club Monaco, Jenny plays a major role at Redfish Kids as their Brand Ambassador. That store is lucky to have a creative mind like hers! As well as a (very, very) part time blogger for Silver & Brass with fellow fashionista, Sam.

I’m thrilled to be able to show you her closet. A big thanks to Jenny for letting myself and Whitney into her home and for allowing me to tear apart her closet piece by piece.

Let’s dive in shall we?!


“I adore this custom made French-navy polka dot dress – it’s such an easy silhouette to wear either day or night. My belt was a vintage find in Seattle about 7 years ago! It was hand-made and says ‘IRENE’ on the back… Makes me love it that much more.”


“Regardless if bright, neon colors are ‘trendy’, I don’t really care for them. Sometimes I even wear black from head to toe. I prefer a neutral palette with funky accessories.”

“I have some gorgeous bags. Fortunately my mom kept some amazing pieces from her adolescence. and I get to benefit from that.”

“I appreciate hand-crafted detailing. My New Years 2013 pick is particularly beautiful. It’s smart to collect a few really glamorous pieces in your wardrobe just in case you’re invited to a last-minute event – saves you money and time in the long run!”


“My closet is eclectic, to say the least. My personal style is as spontaneous as my moods and emotions. Why limit yourself?”


“My darling mother just got back from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, bringing back with her a plethora of vibrant and unique pieces. I can’t wait for the warm weather.”


“I’m a hippie at heart.”


“My accessories are a crazy mix of old and new. I have lots of one of a kind pieces, plenty of cheap finds, a vast collection of vintage scarves, and everything in between. I tend to gravitate towards two things in particular: my brass rings, and my bohemian prints.”


“I was at a networking event a few months back at the Urban Winery, and wore this hat. Someone actually walked up to me and said ‘Hi! Sorry, but I just had to talk to the girl in the hat.’ I like to wear at least one thing that would make me stand out in a crowd.”

“DIY! I made these ‘polaroids’ at home with unused envelopes, and magazine cutouts. It was a simple craft that added a personal touch to our bedroom.”

“In this fast paced, tech-savvy world, still nothing can beat the little things: capturing a moment on film, polishing off a bottle of wine, having a bubble bath, or chopping vegetables.”


” I have quite a few pairs of shoes, but I don’t LOVE shoes. I like them… But I’d rather spend my money on clothes. And wine. That being said, a few great shoes can get a girl a long way.”


“Most of these scarves are actually Patrick’s (my boyfriend)! He has some really classic menswear pieces, and I like to steal them. Oh, the perks of living with your boyfriend.”


“Everyone needs a pair of classic Ray Ban aviators. Enough said. *Thanks to the lovely Randa for the tulips! Definitely put a smile on my face.”


“My mom brought this kaftan back from Cambodia for me, and I fell in unrequited LOVE.  It’s a one of a kind – and it represents my true inner hippie. What can I say? My mom grew up in the 70’s! Peace & Love <3”


“I have a lot of blazers and jackets – they’re the only thing that I’ve ever really invested a pretty penny in. My loves are definitely my jean jacket, raspberry moto, vintage leopard, floral blazer, and anything cream.”


“This look says: sipping bubbly or a gin cocktail with a few girlfriends in a hotel lounge. These raspberry heels and calf-skin clutch are dangerous.”


“I wore this ensemble to a show a few weeks back and loved it. High-waisted black jeans are my favourite, and this panelled silk tank from TopShop is going to rock my world this summer.”


“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safes, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”
-Cecil Beaton


To follow Jenny on more of her style adventures you can follow her on Instagram at @luckyp3nny and her soon to be updated blog Silver & Brass. You can also follow the on Instagram at @SilverandBrass

Also, everyone please welcome Whitney Krutzfeldt to the Closet Confessions family! She is the new contributing photographer to CC and I couldn’t be more excited!! You can follow Whitney and all of her amazing photographs on Instagram at @wckphotography & @wkrutzfeldt. Follow her on Twitter at @WCKphotography and visit her official site HERE.

All photos taken by Whitney Krutzfeldt.

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