Closet Confessions: David Vallance & Fiona Hunter of Artizia

This month’s Closet Confessions is very different from the other past features. Instead of showcasing one of Vancouver’s talents, I’m sharing two! I would like to introduce to you, David Vallance and Fiona Hunter. They have to be one of those most stylish couples I’ve ever met… I’m always wanting what they’re wearing. Both David and Fiona work for Aritzia and have the balance between Design and Finance.

David carries the title of Junior Womenswear Designer for the brand Community – a line for the active lifestyle. It’s one of my favourite lines at Aritiza as it’s a lot of essentials with a twist. You can find Fiona crunching numbers in their Accounts Payable department. The two met while working as Visual Merchandisers at Zara and moved to Vancouver on January 2013 from Edinburgh, Scotland – so read their quote with accents… it’s what I did.

I was introduced to the two almost one year ago by Sharday. When I met them, I knew I would adore them! They have such a wonderful vibe, easy to talk to, always laughing and trust me… they know their fashion. Although I love my black, white and grey, Fiona inspires me to wear patterns  and even though David is wearing menswear I want everything he has on.

But, enough talk! Kate Williams once again brings us into another amazing closet with her photographs. Thanks to David and Fiona for having Kate and I over and snapping some pics.



“Colour doesn’t really exist in my wardrobe, almost everything is black, grey or white. Denim is about as colourful as it gets! These are my favourite jeans from Topshop (blown-out knee added by me!)”


Closet1 copy

Pic 2 – “Linen t-shirts are my staple. These H&M and T by Wang styles are the best out there.”
Pic 3 – “Chelsea boots are a must have in any guys wardrobe. These Saint-Laurent-esque boots were a steal from Zara!”


“I tend to keep accessories to a minimum…but I’m never without my Giles & Brother railroad spike cuff. Also, who doesn’t own a pair of Raybans?”

Closet3 copy

Closet2 copy



“One of the reasons we chose this apartment was the extra room for my clothes! I’m a little bit of a hoarder, you never know when something will come back into fashion! Here I’m wearing a cotton/ linen boyfriend shirt from Aritzia-Community (supporting the bfs brand). It’s a must have I bought it in three colours!”


Closet4 copy

Pic 3 – “I have a huge collection of statement necklaces. These are my current favourites- I have so many that I have to rotate them monthly! Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring all my handbags when I moved to Vancouver, it was very tough but i just brought four favourites. Displayed here is my classic black Marc by Marc Jacobs day bag and my Mulberry over-sized gold clutch for the evenings.”

“My three favourite things…Vogue, Friends & Phillip Lim shoes!”

Closet copy

“Clearly I have a love for snake print shoes, these are just a few! My style is quite minimal so i like to add a little fun with a statement shoe.”

Closet5 copy

Pic 2 – “I am always drawn to the Aritzia Community brand. Everything is minimal and easy to wear. Great for layering! Community garment dyed tank pictured here with my favourite Urban Outfitters necklace.”


“Searching for awesome vintage finds is one of my favourite things about fashion. This oversize silver t-shirt was a great steal from my gran. I love this floral kimono from Topshop. Definitely trying to channel the 70’s bohemian vibe!”



All photos by Kate Williams.


Follow David & Fiona on Instagram as they live their new lives in Vancouver at @DavidVallance & @FionaHunter1

Follow Kate on her photography ventures on Instagram & Twitter at @Adore_Imagery as well as Facebook.

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