Closet Confessions: Alexandra Grant of To Vogue Or Bust

Closet Confessions is back and we’re starting off with one of our favorite local bloggers, Alexandra Grant! You’ll remember her from her fashion and lifestyle blog To Vogue or Bust but more recently from her latest venture with The Style Common which she created with other local fashion and lifestyle bloggers; Alicia Quan, Jen Tam and Jennifer Pistor.

Alex’s style is a mix of the classics, patterns and layering. She puts an outfit together like I’ve never seen and isn’t scared of going a little further with them. She accessorizes with an eclectic mix of jewelry, shoes and clutches and even rocks her boyfriend’s sweaters from time to time.

With her extensive wardrobe and limited closet space not all of Alex’s clothes were on display, most were tucked away but we got to play with her recent finds and most coveted items.

My talented photographer Kaoverii and I set out to Lynn Valley on a rainy Vancouver afternoon; talk about a gloomy winter day! Alexandra’s space and clothes took a turn for spring and brightened up our day. Thanks for having us girl!


“Combining two of my go-to’s: stripes and punchy pops of colour. I got this J.Crew skirt for a fraction of its original price on Boxing Day and I couldn’t be prouder of myself…I’m not really a thrifty, deal-hunting type of girl and usually just buy things at whatever price they’re marked at out of sheer laziness, so this was a major win.”


“Always, always, always keep your shoe boxes: I move so much that they become necessities for safekeeping my shoes, and they also work well as little pedestals and storage for your not as pretty shoes (i.e. practical, office-apropos pumps)!”


“Small space, maximum organization. It’s all about controlled chaos: though my jewelry looks haphazardly thrown together, it’s actually loosely categorized: silver, gold and current go-to’s. I also love using my favourite style books, like Inès de La Fressange or Amanda Brook’s, as ways of breaking up the space (that boobs-out shot is from Vegas [of course] while the other snap is the day I was born in Québec, aka the best day in history).”

Alex Closet 1 copy

“It’s cramped, but thanks to IKEA and their always fabulous array of storage units, I manage to make my overflowing wardrobe fit into nice, compact spaces. I’m always a fan of having shoes on display too – more accessible and they offer a hit of colour!”

“A couple overriding themes in my wardrobe are definitely a pull towards colour and print, though I have been more focused on minimal, every day basics as I’ve gotten older.”


“‘Beautiful day for a beautiful girl’ is what my dad has said (never) about this stunning sunrise on the day I was born. Lack of fatherly fawning aside, it’s the perfect backdrop for my colour-filled jewelry collection. A couple of my favourite scents also take up residence among the jewelry: Chloé, Marc Jacobs and Chanel (not pictured) are my go-to brands for perfume, though I love mixing in essential oils or body sprays sometimes as well.”

Alex Closet 2 copy

“These neon earrings were from H&M and on sale for maybe $4 – love them. They remind me of Osheaga, Montréal, working at FASHION Magazine and drinking my signature summer cocktail (3/4 vodka, 1/4 soda water, muddled kiwi + lime).”

“Ordinarily I gravitate towards more ladylike, dainty pieces, but this rainbow-esque statement necklace from t+j designs begs to be worn with bold stripes. Love the print-on-print illusion the combination has.

“I’m a big believer in investing in your basic pieces that go into heavy rotation (i.e. get good quality jeans when you can, a good boyfriend blazer, etc.), but without fail, I almost always find my favourite T’s and tops from H&M. Their cuts just work for me. This top is a ladies’ but more often than not, I go to the men’s and get an XS. Works almost every time on every style. I’ve been especially loving men’s henley T’s lately worn in shrunken sizes with long tanks layered underneath.”

“A few of my all-time faves: clearly, I love playing with different textures. We have here suede, pony hair and studs.”


“I wonder who created this stunning print?!? But seriously, since Randa gave me this I See Noise print it has become a staple in my room decor. Love the quote, love the simplicity. Surrounding yourself with little pieces of inspiration not only beautifies your space, but it just makes life happier too.”


“I’ve been doing Whole30 (i.e. 30 days of no drinking, no gluten, no dairy, no grains, no soy…the list of no’s goes on and on) so I am in desperate need of a night out. This is what I’d love to wear to a cocktail party: a classic and great fitting dress (it has boning that does wonders in the undergarment department, i.e. peace out bra), edgy yet elegant silver studded accessories, a statement necklace and my go-to silver nail polish shade from Chanel.”


“This J.Crew shirt may seem impractical at first glance (polka dots and sequins?!), but it’s proven to be incredibly functional in my wardrobe. It’s all about just majorly dressing down any glamorous pieces: so far, this shirt has almost exclusively been worn with jeans or trousers.”


“I only toss my tabloids or fitness mags: beautiful Vogues, like this stunning Kate Moss-fronted Vogue Paris deserve to stick around. They’re like little $7 pieces of art, really. Love the blue background against my spring-apropos colour block heels from ShoeMint and happy spring shades from Joe Fresh.”

Alex 3 copy

“I’ve grown to become much more of a jeans-and-T kind of girl in recent years, but at one point, all I ever wore were skirts (and I still love them). I’ve amassed quite the collection in my short 25 years on Earth. I’m a pretty exaggerated hourglass so I usually stick to waist-cinching, flared silhouettes, but I do love me a good pencil skirt too.”

“You need a lot of sunglasses when you are as much of a sun chaser as I am (I wear sunscreen, don’t worry), but my absolute favourites are my classic Persol frames (second from right). I have a bad face for sunglasses and these are the only ones that suit my face to a T, so they’re keepers for life.”

“It’s not a rare occurrence for me to have a split screen going, doing double-duty on The Style Common and  To Vogue or Bust fronts. Both have been hugely rewarding to me though, so I plug away at both projects with great joy! And if I’m ever feeling a bit down, I can gaze upon this stunning painting from Phil Soo, the nicest guy ever who talked to me for an hour about windsurfing in a Maui market. Maui is a hugely important place for myself and my family – other than Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast, where my cabin is, it’s the only other place that feels truly home-esque to me. So having this vibrant piece to glance at while it’s grey and rainy out yet again is integral to my well-being!”


Nothing in my whole room (slash the world) is as precious to me as my puppy Bailey, and by puppy I mean old, old man. He’s turning 13 this year which is like…104 in lab years. He’s such a gem though and I love him so much…he often keeps me company while I work away on my laptop. By “keeps me company” I mean he’ll lie on my feet, groan while he moves around, unexpectedly start panting and staring at me with wide eyes…who knows these days. He’s a quirky one. He’s also the reason why I always have a sweet-smelling candle burning and why the groomers at PetSmart know him by name (“sweet old Bailey” is what they call him when he comes in for his very regular 3-hour cleaning sessions).”


“In my opinion, you could be wearing almost anything and still pull it off with aplomb so long as you have classic red digits, a touch of leopard, an elegant gold piece and lipstick on. As far as accessories and beauty go, these are my essentials.”


To follow Alex on her style adventures you can tweet to her at @ToVogueorBust or click HERE. Facebook her HERE
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A huge thank you to Kaoverii Marapon for her beautiful images! You can tweet to her at @kaoveriimarapon or click HERE. Facebook her HERE or like her Instagram photos at @kaoverii_m.

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