Circle Wellness Studio Vancouver

This was exactly what we needed. A short, private getaway in the middle of the city where we can reconnect with each other, nature and ourselves. Alex and I experienced Circle Wellness Studio Vancouver, a private self-guided thermal spa in Vancouver. Honestly, this was my favourite wellness spa, hands-down.

Note: If you are willing, do it nude! It’s a much more elevated experience.

Using ancient wellness rituals with modern technology, you’re immersed into a sanctuary that isn’t any larger than a shipping crate, surrounded by earth elements like salt, wood, clay, charcoal and minerals mixed with radiant heat, ventilation, sound and light. 

Here’s how the circuit works: 

💦 Shower – Take a moment to stand still under an outdoor waterfall shower at the temperature of your choice. 

🔥 Soak – Enjoy 30-40 minutes in a natural Ofuru cedar soaking tub at heated

✨ WelPod – A contemporary reinvention of the sauna that features Himalayan crystal salt walls, radiant floor heat and infrared ceiling heat. You’ll enjoy 40 minutes with music, leading to 10 minutes of pure darkness. This was my favourite part!

❄️ Cold Water – It’s not as cold as you think but enough to perk up your system. Take a plunge in a clawfoot tub.

🦶🏼 Heated Stones – Local river stones are embedded with a radiant heating system for a full body lay down or foot massage. 

You can book a session all year-round, including evening sessions.

Thank you to Paul Hennessey of Circle Wellness Studio Vancouver for creating such a regenerative human experience for everyone to enjoy.

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